Ch. 4

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[ Year X791 ]

Location: ???

The year is X791 and Kasai looks has changed. Jiemma had ordered him to do so for Fairytail and the rest of the world to believe that Kasai Dragneel had either disappeared or died. He had placed a very strong illusion spell on himself, making it look like he both dyed and cut his hair black. He also now started to wear blue contacts to cover over his mismatched yellow and red.

He easily became one of Sabertooth's strongest members, and because he always wore a cloak and how he rarely uses his magic (unless he's training), the people of Fiore have started to call him Sabertooth's Prince as he's always seen besides it princess.


The mask he placed upon himself to hide his pain and sadness has become a part of him.

And with Sabertooth's belief of how they see the weak. He's no longer brotherly, kind hearted, and spirited boy from the past.

Kasai had savagely beat both Sting and Rogue at once when they had the balls to think he wasn't as strong as he claimed himself to be, but he properly showed them who was top dog.

Or in this case top dragon.

He beat Rufus into the ground when he had tried to gain knowledge of his magic

Minerva (or what she like to be called Mi'lady or Princess.)

has been nothing but a nuisance to Kasai, as she's tried to use her status as the master's daughter to bend Kasai to her will.

But she learn the hard way that never going to happen.

He really hopes those burns scars on her back fade away.

(Note the sarcasm)

And lastly Orga who kinda reminded Kasai of Laxus when he's in a cocky and bragging mood.

Minding that Sabertooth has gained a new member, Yukino Aguria, who became Kasai "partner" along side Pabu. She is a celestial mage and held the two remaining gold keys and Ophiuchus, who she recently gained two months ago while Pabu was a fire raccoon that Kasai saved a year ago.

 She is a celestial mage and held the two remaining gold keys and Ophiuchus, who she recently gained two months ago while Pabu was a fire raccoon that Kasai saved a year ago

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(Just imagine his fur is maroon and under coat is a light cream)

He's still young but is still able to hold his own very well. And very picky on who he lets touch him but so far only lets Kasai and Yukino touch him as she was his partner.

"Have you heard?"

"I hear everything Aguria be specific." Kasai said bluntly towards the girl, thou he knew what she was speaking of.

Right now they were heading back from a mission to destroy a dark guild.

"Apparently the Fairytail mages who disappeared at Tenrou island have returned." Kasai merely hummed boredly as he continued to walk.

"Aren't you happy your family back?"

She was right thou, he should be happy their alive an well which he was.

But at the same time he wasn't.

Knowing Jiemma and Minerva they'll use this as some kind of leverage over Kasai.

"Why should I?" Kasai told staring up at her brown eyes with his disguised blue eyes. "Besides, Fairytail is no longer my priority. Sabertooth is." Pabu squeaked in agreement from his perch around Kasai's neck.

The Celestial mage sighed, for as long as she knew him. Kasai Dragneel was always stubborn.

"You there!!" Both mages turned their heads towards the voice to see a member of the guild there supposed to eliminate. "How dare you destroy my guild!!"

"It's was in the job description." Kasai said bluntly and the dark mage looked towards him to freeze in terror.

"It.... can't be!! No! The Prince of Sabertooth!!" He stammered as Kasai and Yukino smirked at him. Before Yukino face fell slightly at how her partner's name was called out but she was totally ignored.

But she sweat dropped as her "partner" basically destroy both the dark mage and part of the landscape.

"Oh my!" She exclaimed to which caused Kasai to sheepishly smiled at her. (which made her blush)

"Sorry some old habits die hard."

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