Part Three - 23 - Allan

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"Log entry41, Kala Acker. The vessel I borrowed to the Expansers finally gave out. I had no choice but to land, I mean crash, on a random planet. Luckily, I escaped with barely any scratch. But I can't say the same about my ship, it's now a wreck and I had to abandon it. The planet had a small human colony, but with barely any trade. Finding a new ride was a challenge. Eventually, I stumbled upon a pest regulator crew and they accepted to take me on board in exchange for labor. Now we are traveling to a new destination for a job. The crew is starting to get suspicious, I can see it in their aura. I cut my hair short in order to be less recognizable, but I think my natural color is still a give. They will rat me out to the three nations without blinking as soon as they know who I am. I need to sneak away before that. Their teamwork sucks anyway. They are nothing compared to my crew. (silence) Pest regulating is quite lucrative...Maybe one day, if I see Captain Allan Roy again, I could tell him about it. Maybe one day..."

When Allan opened the door of his personal quarters, he found Jessie on his bed, gloriously naked under the blankets, he hoped. A low growl rose from deep within him. His exhaustion from the day suddenly seemed to recede, just like magic.

Such a long day it had been. They finally managed to drop off the rebel inmates on a safe planet, still naked, to the hilarity of the twins. They didn't have enough clothes on the Capricieuse for their lot, and of course, the damn rebels had no means to pay them either. So, Allan made them swore a life-debt. If one day they needed help, they ought to answer. Otherwise, he promised them that the Lightning Sprite would fry all of their asses.

Since then, they had crossed seven gates and 16 systems in their haste to get to the Pandora System, in the hope to finally find Kala. For the last two years, they always seemed to be just a step behind, finding themselves in the smoking ruins Kala left in her wake.

"Hello, Captain," said Jessie.

"Hello, you," he took his coat off and dropped it on a nearby chair.

His quarters were sober, with barely any decorations or luxury. He was a simple man when it came to that. His excesses resided in other matters.

"When did you get here?" he asked.

"Two hours ago. You kept me waiting."

"Apologies. Hope you didn't feel too bored."

"It's okay, I kept...busy," she said with a sensuous smile.

Now his mind was really in the gutter. He kicked his shoes off, sending them flying in two different corners of the room.

"It's risky for you to come to my quarters so early," said Allan. "Everyone is still awake. Someone could have seen you."

Jessie rolled her eyes, "I think the cat has been out of the bag for quite some time now. You're the only one that still thinks we're discreet."

"Poor cat. What do you mean?"

"I mean that the whole crew knows by now that we aren't exactly asexual space monkeys. And that you and I..." she didn't finish that sentence, she simply bit her bottom lip.

Stars. His pants came off with such eagerness he almost fell down. "I think we hid it quite well, and for a long time," he said.

A charming laugh burst out of her. "Remember that one time Moira caught you in your underwear trying to sneak out of my quarters?" she asked.

He shrugged while working on opening his damn shirt. So many buttons...

"Or that time we had sex in the weaponry and you came out wearing my flowery shirt?" she continued.

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