Chapter 13

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Things seemed to look good for TWICE when Leiann introduced her friends. Or, at least, until Lee Daejeong, a former fellow trainee at JYP Entertainment, showed up, bringing drama with her.

Now, she's skating with Lisa, another friend of Leiann's, and Jeongyeon. In the meantime, Ashlyn has just joined them, followed by Sana, Tzuyu and Dahyun.

The rest of the group, on the other hand, stays behind, waiting for the upcoming skateboarding show to start.

Leiann: Let's wait here. The skateboarding show is going to start in thirty minutes.

Melody: Then, there's going to be a huge surprise for you, Leiann. You'll love it!

Leiann: Then don't tell me anything more or else it won't be a surprise! (Laughs)

Jihyo: (to Mina) Leiann seems happy.

Mina: (to Jihyo) Finally she left those toxic bitches behind.

Jihyo: I'm worried about... you know who... I mean-

Leiann: Come on, it's not a problem if you say her name.

Nayeon: You know, we don't like her...

Leiann: But why? She's been so friendly to me and the other girls so far.

Chaeyoung: Then you don't know her well enough. She's a snake, a monster, a-

Mina: Chaeyoung! Stop it!

Momo: You know, you don't need to say the B word. You're not in front of-

Melody: Okay, why don't we change subject?

Leiann: Yeah, let's go skating instead! I promise, it's going to be fun!

As the allotted thirty minutes pass, between one round and another, TWICE and Leiann's group take their places at the bleachers and enjoy an entertaining skateboarding show.

Afterwards, the show stops abruptly as soon as Melody and Ashlyn reach a large stage, followed by Lisa and Daejeong.

Leiann: What's going on?

Ashlyn: When we hold hands
We find peace
When we take chances
We take a ride
And when we fly
High in the sky
We are all in one
And nobody can stop us.

Leiann: Oh my God! That's the song for our debut... The one Middle Point manipulated and changed, making it pass as theirs!

Mina: That's plagiarism! Did you denounce them?

Sana: But how? She was part of Middle Point, so it would be pointless.

Leiann: Yeah, I did write it.

Sana: See? Middle Point would use this to get away with what they did.

Leiann: But they didn't credit me. They instead gave Amanda credits for writing the song.

Nayeon: That's enough! As soon as we're back, we're going to give them a piece of their mind!

Leiann: Shhh!

Melody: When we cry out loud
We run out of tears
When we laugh out loud
We run out of breath
And when we run away
From all our troubles
We are all in one
And nobody can stop us.

Lisa: When we push and pull
We push it all together
When we pull and push
We pull it all together
And when we're out for
Taking one more chance
We are all in one
And nobody can stop us.

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