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It had been months since you had gone beyond the walls of King's Landing, always comfortable in your villa within the city walls. Being born a noble lady was to your advantage- you were able to blissfully ignore the political and social problems higher and lower than you- and though you felt guilty for your ignorance sometimes, it's not like there was much you could do anyway.

But to your luck, you were given a chance to spice up your peaceful living a bit when an invitation was sent round to those within the Red Keep's Walls, inviting them to join the King's expedition to the North on business. The parchment got you excited- despite being a homebody, you enjoyed a bit of adventure here and there- better than the usual invites to go on hunts, to tournaments, or balls, this meant new surroundings- and new men on the menu to dance with...

So there you found yourself, arriving through the large gates of the winter city, a large fur coat hugged close through the uncomfortable chill. Your sister-who despite being your biggest rival and frenemy at times, was also your closest friend- was quick to elbow you as soon as you got in. Irritated, you turned to her, and gave her a stormy glare, "Hey! Jemima! Keep the antics at home, okay? We're guests here, we have to act professional." You hissed in response with a restrained tone,

"Shut up, I'm not trying to start a fight- Look! Look on the other side of the courtyard... the Stark boys. And I thought Jaime was the seven kingdoms sweetheart..." she giggled dreamily. You rolled your eyes- all she thought about was big, tanned, bulky knights in shining armour that would come to sweep her off of her feet one day- but following her gaze, you had to admit these boys were certainly something.

It wasn't the pretty faces or charm most ladies swooned for that enchanted you with these two- it was the sharp, gritty feeling they gave off- the brooding look in frosty eyes, sending shivers down your spine- Robb Stark had the charm, Jon Snow- though not exactly a "Stark" boy- had prettiness- both had a different attraction to them than the regular lords and knights of the south, and you were drawn in, fascinated.

But as always, you make sure they'd be the ones to make the first move- if you got the chance to see them face to face, of course.

The night went on, and you found yourself to be a lot less amused than you thought you'd be. Your sister was sat on the other side of your father, so you couldn't gossip away to her- leaving you to blindly brush off the irritable natter of the lord besides you, courtesy of your dad's lack of understanding in your taste in men. You mmmhed and ahhed along to his natter- but focused in on the head of the room. It was lovely to see the mechanics of the Stark family, so close to one another- Ned gave his respectful attentions to the King's banter but managed to continue a pleasant discourse with Catelyn all the same. Arya and Sansa fought back and forth over one thing or another, but it would usually end in fits of giggles and a forgiving hug- much like you and your own sister.

Your eyes flicked across to the chairs besides them, only to find both Stark boys gone. A single brow raised, you eyed the room only to find them standing in a corner, both with Summerwine in hand, whispering to each other with playful grins on their faces. The exchange ended in some taunting, evidently, as the more serious Jon lulled his eyes and shoved Robb away with a firm hand to the chest.

What was all that about?

You barely had time to ponder it, as to your tired and unamused heart's surprise, the music suddenly sprang and grew more lively; louder. A raucous of cheers filtered through the room, and lords and ladies alike rose to their feet to make their way into the centre of the hall. A tug at your arm almost pulled you off balance- your sister had evidently seen this coming, and was aching to get to work with her lifelong dancing partner.

Both of you knew you wouldn't stick with each other for the rest of the night however- and both of you had your eyes on two dark haired boys that you wanted to share your night with.

Soon, you had almost forgotten about the two boys as you danced away to the fast-paced lyres and violins, arm-in-arm with your sister at first but quick to jump between dancing partners, as was normal on an occasion like this. Dancing here felt somewhat nicer than in the refined restricted ballroom environment- you weren't just hopping around with a bunch of snooty nobles, the maids, staff and locals were getting involved as much as the visitors.

You were lost in the music- but grounded again as it slowed, and a certain suitor took your arm. Locked in by the waist, your own hands manually falling in place for the slower jive, you looked up, astonished, and found yourself in tango with none other than Robb Stark. Your lips fell open, in shock at his sudden appearance- but also in awe of the chiselled jawline complimented by the vague remains of stubble, and his bright, frosted blue eyes- closing your mouth into a wide smile, you giggled and nodded politely as you moved,

"My lord." You hummed, pitting your head up against his chest. He brought his closer, his tone quiet and smooth, "My Lady. What brings you to Winterfell?" He asked politely, twirling you around,
"I wanted a bit of an adventure, and I've been told the Stark boys are quite the sight to see." You flirt harmlessly And he chuckles at your bold response.

As you turn again you are spun round to the next suitor- and it almost didn't surprise you to find yourself in the softer embrace of Jon Snow, who smirked at his snatch. Though a lot quieter than his sibling, he had more life and emotion in his movements; he twirled you, held you as you leaned back in the climax of the movement; his steps were longer, finding the energy in the music, "I-" just as he went to speak you decided to mix the games up again- partners switched any you were back with Robb.

You noticed from behind that Ned and Catelyn were watching in curiosity- Ned had a wry grin on his face and Catelyn seemed warmed at the sight of Robb mingling with a lady; although you were sure that she would not mind your heritage, it was certainly something that must have limited her enthusiasm at the courting.

"You having fun in this little competition with your brother?" You poked, and he arched his brows and blushed, "I'm not sure what you mean." You rolled your eyes, sinking your head against his chest and tilting up your chin to speak, "You're both certainly eager to find an opportunity to take me off the other, for such an innocent dance..."

Before he could respond, once again you were returned back to Jon- the music was picking up now, and the switching back and forth was getting dizzying, "You know they always say that siblings can never learn to share." You jeered, and Jon flushed as much as Robb had.

As the slow song faded and was replaced with the same lively music that had inspired you to get up before, you decided to return to your sister who had taken her seat again several tunes ago. You slipped away from Jon's arms, grinning temptingly and locking eyes with his deep brown irises as your arm slid away from his own- you turned as your fingertips departed and found your place again. Your father had gone off with your mother to some place, most likely to refresh their plates- and your sister was facing you, eagerly anticipating you to say something.

Holding back your excitement and cocky nature, you calmly asked, "What?" And she gawked, as planned.

"You just had Winterfell's dreamboats fighting over you and you're going to act like it isn't a big deal???" You had to laugh at that, and, unable to hold in your thoughts and emotions, sprung straight back out of your chair and grabbed your sisters arm, running off into the hall outside to talk alone on the exchange, for most of the evening. By the time you were both done gushing, catching up and hypothesising, men and women flocked out the Main Hall, ready to head to their places of accommodation for the night. Your own parents tutted and chastised both you and your sister for disappearing for so long, and you fell quietly in line besides them as you headed for your rooms. You felt strange as the crowds thinned out, and looking up, noticed two sets of eyes watching you nervously from opposite ends of the hallway.

Both called you over. Both seemed to have more to say; but you couldn't approach both of them.

Which one enchanted you more?

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