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"I had a few,
got drunk on you
and now I'm wasted"



P.O.V Harry Edward Styles

Rose Elizabeth always sucked at lying, but she's not a very frequent liar, she only lies when she's trying to protect someone else or trying to hide her feelings. And, right now, Elizabeth is exiting the car with me, pretending to be okay, but I knew she was nervous.

She asked me to help her being more confident and adapting to the city of Manhattan. Personally, I think that's a great decision, since she's a fucking bunny in the middle of the jungle, surrounded by lions and snakes. Honestly, how could she ever survive? Manhattan is full of dirty and mean people that will obviously try to take advantage of her innocence and unlimited kindness.

She will never be able to avoid the mean Upper East Siders, who only care about money and status. And for that they'll do anything to get what they want and they'll destroy everything in their way.

Fortunately, not every is like that. I'm not, for sure. I'm way worst, but it doesn't matter. Although I had tried to hurt Rose Elizabeth before, now I have no intentions of making her sad. It's been a little hard to overcome my hate for her, but I think I'm managing to do that. Slowly, very slowly. For that, I'm distracting myself with other feelings towards her, like desire, for starters. I mean, since I saw her for the first time at my place in Manhattan, I've had a weird wish of fucking her.

I remember her white dress showing her nice long skinny legs, that I wanted to wrap around my waist. And the long blonde hair, that is straightened at the moment... Oh, I wanted to grab her hair while she was doing me a blowjob.

I know it sounds weird to have such fantasies about the girl I grew up with, who is like a sister to me. However, I can't help it. She's just too damn tempting.

And right now, I don't know what I prefer. My sweet and innocent Liz, with that angelical face disproved of makeup, or the Rose Elizabeth walking next to me at the moment. She looks so fucking sexy that I'm capable of swearing that I've never been so attracted to someone before.

Her tight dark red dress shows her curves perfectly, that are a waste to hide and yet she does it everyday. The dress also has a nice cleavage and I can see that it also has push-up since her boobs are bigger and more appetizing than ever. And those lips, oh... what I would love to do with those dark red lips. Just imagine her lips around my cock or, to be more poetic, together with my own lips. How can someone be this hot?

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