Chapter 2: Untouchable

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3rd POV

The next day, Sero was excited for school for the first time in years: he felt as if he had finally made friends that he could trust. He got to his classroom and opened the door.

"Hey Sero!" Jiro walked up to him: she was one of the first people he talked to, having bonded over their shared love of music. "Sup, Jiro." he responded. He walked over to his desk and placed his bag down. "What do ya think we're doing today?" Jiro shrugged, sitting down on his desk. "I don't know. Maybe they're gonna—"

"Can you please get off the desk, Jiro? That is disrespectful to our upperclassmen."

Sero sighed: it was Iida, a friend who had been nice to him the second they met. "Sorry, Iida!" she said, jumping off of said desk. "Hello Sero." Iida said, looking at the raven-haired boy. "Hey Iida. Me and Jiro were just discussing what we might be doing today—"

"—Before you interrupted us." Jiro continued. Iida had a troubled expression on his face. "I am very sorry! Please forgive my mistake!" he said, bowing in apology. "Dude, dude, it's fine. No need to apologize." Sero laughed, placing his hand on Iida's shoulder. He stopped him mid-bow, failing to notice the pink hue on the other boy's face. He quickly let go, a pained look in his dark eyes. Iida didn't notice, but Jiro looked at him oddly. They all sat down when Aizawa came into the classroom.

Sero's POV

For our first couple of classes, we're just lectured on how hard UA is and stuff like that; I'm not really paying attention though. I look over at Iida: his deep, red eyes are locked on the teacher, soaking in every thing he says. His glasses are slightly crooked, but he doesn't notice. It's really cute...

'Wait wha—' I ask myself, but my thoughts are interrupted by the bell, signaling lunch. I collect my stuff and walk to the cafeteria.

Once I get there, I look around for a place to sit. I find an empty table an sit down. Jiro and Iida soon join me. "Sero, where is your food?" Iida asks, making odd hand motions. "I'm not hungry." I tell him. 'I never am....' I keep that last part to myself. "Dude, you gotta eat something." Jiro tells me. "I'll be fine, sheesh." I reassure her jokingly. She gives me a suspicious look before going back to her food. With nothing to do, I start looking around. A girl with pink skin and black scleras catches my eye and runs over. A boy with yellow hair and a black streak follows her.

(Btw the sclera is the white part of the eye)

"Hi, Sero!" she exclaims, shocking me a little. "I'm Mina Ashido! But you already know that don't you? And this is Kaminari!" she indicates the boy next to her. "Sup" is all he says. "Can we sit here?" I look at them. "Sure." I say. Ashido replies with "Hey! You're not stuttering anymore!" before the two sit down with us. They all start talking while I just look around. "Bro, aren't you hungry?" I look over at Kaminari. "No...?" He shrugs "Okay" then goes back to talking. I start doodling on a piece of paper, waiting for lunch to end. Soon, some people start heading back to class, so we decide to get up and follow them, leaving 45 minutes early. Once we get there, we're alone; not even the teacher was there. We're right in front of the classroom, talking, when I hear a voice close to me.

"Oi sh*t nerd, move out of the f*cking way."
It's the spiky-haired blond from yesterday; Bakugo, I think he's called, with a red-haired boy who's name I can't remember. He grabs my arm to get me to move. My eyes widen, and everything starts to blur. Flashes of color and noise fill my head: alcohol, screams, fire, sirens, heroes...her.

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