Chapter 7

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Samuel's POV

Yeah, they didn't take it well.

Clearly, it triggered some kind of a beastly side in them because I can't even describe how loud they growled or the way they seemed to wrap themselves completely around me.

I think the closest explanation would be that the growls were like the booming thunder during a really bad storm but you were, like, in the middle of it and a lightning bolt hit a huge tree making it explode. And their arms were like boa constrictors around me, making it quite hard for me to get some air into my lungs. The rest of their bodies just nearly melted together, forming a shield of muscles and bones and all that around me.

It was quite scary, come to think of it.

And I was here, sitting in the middle of it.

They were shaking and no, not the 'oh I'm so cold' shaking. Their muscles were shaking from the strain.

Also, their chests were vibrating with their growls.

Is it even humanly possible to growl that loud? Or growl at all?

I don't think so.

I mean like, you don't see arguing people growling and rumbling at each other, no, you see them hitting each other and throwing frying pans and spatulas.

What's really weird about this situation is that I'm not having a panic attack right now.

Considering what a small quiet mouse I usually am, I'm genuinely surprised.

I don't like confrontation or people yelling at me. Actually, people yelling at all. Or just people in general.

And now I'm here, after a half a day of conversing with a stranger - quite freely too, for that matter, sitting between another two strangers and letting them coddle me.

Which reminds me that I should probably get the hell out of here now.

I'm sure Alexis will agree with me when I say that we can work on this project another time, preferably when these two aren't around.

I tried to turn myself - they didn't like it. I tried to shift my arms - they didn't like it. Every time I did something, they held on a bit tighter. Not to the point of hurting me but I could feel their hold basically restraining me from even twitching.

This meant that I had to use the biggest gun in my arsenal. It had always worked in the past whether I did it intentionally or unintentionally.

I moved my nostrils.

Students back at my old schools always looked at me weirdly when I did that and walked away quickly muttering something about me being a freak. I was always sad when I heard them speak about me like that but now it might just come in handy.

The giants holding me saw my nose moving and just stared at it. Then, they did the unthinkable.

They cooed. At me.

What the...?

And then the baby talk began.

"Look at his nose, it is so cute!"

One of them even pinched my cheek gently.

"He's like a small bunny like that, my gosh."

Their eyes were practically sparkling.

I huffed in disbelief and stopped when I realized that it won't work. Moreover it had the opposite effect to what I had wanted.

"You are the cutest creature I have ever had the pleasure of looking at."

And then I felt a pair of soft and smooth lips on the side of my nose.

They were so soft I nearly swoone- wait wait wait, what?? No?!

I wrinkled my nose, trying to ignore the sparks that travelled up my nose and threatened to make me sneeze.

Somehow, they found my crumpled up face adorable and started the baby talk again.

"Just look at that small face! Those chocolatey pools you can just drown in and that small button nose all scrunched up and those plump pink lips you just want to nibble and suck on. And those smooth cheeks, completely blemish-free and with that small amount of baby fat making them a bit round but not too much so that he will look like a chipmunk. Absolute perfection." The green-eyed-stranger breathed out.

The other was trailing his finger over the mentioned places and looked like he was in a trance, eyes a bit glazed over and a small smile playing on his lips.

They both looked so content just watching me, like everything was right in the world.

But everything wasn't alright.

Because there was my dad somewhere and he was probably going to murder me the next time he got his hands on me because I hadn't gone home after school. I had no way of contacting him either to say that I was going to a friend's house because I didn't have a phone, he had never bothered to get me one.

I think the only reason he still allowed me to live with him was so that he could keep up the perfect family appearance. Besides, what would his friends at the church say if they knew he had gotten rid of his son?

I was happy he didn't expect me to cook for him but that was only because the one time I had tried to do something in the kitchen I had nearly set the whole house on fire. Sure that earned me a beating but it got me out of the chore of cooking. One less thing to worry about.

Still, I had to get home to make sure I still had a home in case he had suddenly decided that he had had enough.

So I pulled my big boy pants on and stepped into the line of fire.

"Okay, this has been fun and all but I need to get going now. It was nice meeting you and all but I have to go home."


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