Chapter 18

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I couldn't believe what that psychopathic, retarded, person did to his beloved cousin. If he truly loves her then why does he treat her like this...?

I waited for everyone to calm down so that we could "sketch out" our plan. I had an idea at first, but I hope it will work.

Jimmy stopped the two from panicking and they finally turned their attention to me. "Okay I said I had an idea. But I have to explain it really quick before Dan kills or even hurts Kathy."

"Like, Kathy isn't hurt right now, but anyway" Jimmy joked with irony. I just narrowed my eyes at him and then focused on the plan.

"Okay, listen...Dan's house isn't too far away from here. Stephan can drive us there. My biggest problem was to discover how we can break in it since he acts like a ghost buster and suspects everything. We need to find a way to break in. As for the rest..I'll explain it to you later"

They all looked at me and seemed to agree with everything I was saying.
"Okay, so, we need to find a way to break in. How about..." Stephan put his fingers on his chin and acted like he was thinking of something, which hopefully he did.

"How about we distract him?" He finally asked.
"How can we do that?" Asked Ada not really agreeing with Stephan's way.
"Maybe we can break in and make noise. This will distract him and then we can free Kathy" Stephan seemed proud of his comment because his face turned bright.
"That is a good idea indeed!" Cheered Jimmy.

"Wait a second" Ada interrupted. "We won't distract him altogether. One of us will distract him and the rest will try to help Kathy escape."

Stephan seemed less bright now but he agreed with Ada's opinion.
"Or maybe..." Jimmy insisted "One of us can distract him and we break into the house from another way. For example if one of us breaks in from the front door. The others will have to break in from the back."

"I think we've got this. If we are extremely careful we will make it!" I said and we all high fived each other. "Now...About the details."
They all sat closer to me and listened carefully. I could notice their hope in their eyes. I got some ginger hair out of my face as I started to explain.

"First of all, who will break into the house to distract Dan?"
"I won't do it" Stephan stated. "I will help Kathy".
"Okay. Then who?" I asked one more time.

"I'll go!" Ada offered herself for her best friend.
"No way" said Jimmy with total disagreement. "He will think that you are a rabbit and he will cook you" he joked but Ada seemed pissed by it. I chuckled at the two...They truly seemed in love.

"I will do it. End of the story." Said Jimmy.
"Okay, thank you Jimmy" I thanked him and gave him a smile as a response to his offer.
"Now...Jimmy you will need to break in quietly. You will break in from the front door by opening it with a bobby pin and then you will try to make noise to distract him."
"Cool." Jimmy said coldly as he cracked his knuckles. He didn't seem really scared, actually.

"Now, as for the rest of us we will break in from the basement windows and then look for Kathy. We will free her and then exit. You too Jimmy. You will run as fast as you can. As for the stuff we'll need...I already made a list of it. So...Are you all in?"
Ada sighed and nodded. Jimmy smiled and cracked his neck while Stephan just gave a nod.

I fetched my backpack and looked through my stuff. Finally, when I tossed some things around in the bag, I found the piece of paper with the tools we will need with us. Carefully, I unfolded it and showed it to the rest.

Things we'll need:
A torch
• A rope
• Tape
• A lighter
• A knife
• A gun for any possible threat
• A health kit for injuries
• A whistle
• A human sized doll made of a groom and hay

"When will we attack?" Asked Stephan feeling a little ready to beat Dan.
I looked at the stuff that I listed. Some of them are already with me but some of them need to be found in order to succeed the plan. So my only guess about our "attack" would certainly be...


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