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2:30. I had really slept until 2:30. I had to be at work by 8:00 tonight which means I should've gotten the day started earlier.

I rubbed my eyes, stretched, dug my wedgie out and rolled out of bed. I walked downstairs to fix a light breakfast. As I ate, I scrolled down my socials and checked emails and messages. Once I was finished, I threw the plate in the trash and made my way back to my room for a shower.

"Wonder if God got a sense of humor, I hope you know that he see all the shit you doing."

I sang along with the music. Every time I heard that part, I would stop and think. What if god is watching me every night, shaking his head in disappointment. What if he had something else lined up for me and I went in the opposite direction. I snapped out of my thoughts and rinsed the soap off of my body. I dried off and stepped out, hanging my towel on the rack. I sat on my bed naked, letting myself dry all the way.

"Olivia, get up!"

I encouraged myself. It was 3:30 and I was sitting here like I had all the time in the world. I rose up from the bed, the cold air hitting my butt. I grabbed panties and a bra out of my drawer that didn't match whatsoever. I slipped a green Nike windbreaker over my bra. I pulled out a pair of my many black tights and slid my feet into my slides to complete my outfit.

I sprayed myself with my favorite scent, A Thousand Wishes and coated my lips with my favorite lipgloss, Glossier. I jogged towards my front door, realizing I had wasted enough time. I stepped onto the porch, immediately blinded by the sun. I shielded my face as I walked to my Jeep Grand Cherokee that my daddy bought me.

As I blasted Frustrated my phone started ringing. Never get calls until I start listening to music.

"Incoming call from Kyla."  Siri spoke. I clicked the answer button.


"You don't have to sound so excited." I rolled my eyes.

"What you want girl?" I asked, even though I already knew what she was about to ask.

"Are you coming to work tonight?"

"Yes kyla."

"Okay your attitude is really ugly today." I could imagine her giving me a stank face and I laughed.



"Yes kyla?"

"What if breezy tall, sexy, lightskin ass show up at the club tonight? Bitch what if he bring August or Trey fine ass? OH MY GOD!" I shook my head. Was she 21 or 12?

"None of them are coming ky. Stop getting your hopes up for bullshit."

"I shoulda known your pessimistic ass was gonna say something like that." I shrugged

"I'm not pessimistic , I'm a realist. I accept reality while you're living in a fantasy."

"Okay Olivia, I've had enough of your insults today." I could tell she wasn't joking this time, she was truly offended.

"I'm sorry. You know I didn't mean it like that. I can be a bit negative sometimes. I know I just totally contradicted myself but." We both shared a laugh.

"You're probably right though. Boss said nobody informed him that Chris was making an appearance. You know he thinks he has to know everything." I rolled my eyes in the air. I wish I might call him boss. I couldn't stand Anthony ass.

"But Olivia?"

"Yes kyla?"

"Don't act like you aren't hoping he shows up tonight. We all know how much you love him."

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