App for Revenge

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[Fact about me: I'm a Pilipino]
*Filipino is the language. Pilipino is the people*
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[This is dedicated to jamless_jibooty . it took me forever to dedicate a chap for you, i apologize for that.]

"Seth! Come down here and cook us our dinner!" Andrea shouted.

Seth groaned as he stood up from his chair. At least he has finished making this app and successfully connected the chips to it. He also finished downloading the app on his phone.

The app is to program a person to what the user wanted. In order to do this, a chip should be placed at the back of the person's ear. It was his own invention tho. Seth is a real genius, he always top all of his classes so it's no doubt that he can make something like this.

He put the chips along with his phone inside his pocket and then proceeded to the kitchen.

"Hurry up, idiot. I'm hungry and I got a text message from mom. She said they're almost home." Andrea said as she rolled her eyes.

Seth only nodded. Andrea is his step sister. His father married Andrea's mom right after his mom died. Seth was angry but he just got a beating from his father so he never complained after that. He was also treated badly by his step-mom. Well, everyone in this household seems to make him their maid but that would change from now on.

Seth went straight to the kitchen and start cooking. He don't even eat with them. He only eat after they finished and if there are left overs. He is basically treated as a dog also.

But like what's said earlier, it's gonna change now. He looked around to make sure that Andrea is not with him. He pulled out a sachet of sleeping pills and put it in the food before stirring it. He then turned off the fire and took a plate to serve it in the table.

Seth took three more plates and put it on the table and made it look presentable. Just after he finished, he heard the voice of his 'parents' with Andrea. He heard them coming to the dining area so he stood behind the chairs.

"Oh, good that you already prepared dinner." His step-mom said and smirked.

"Well, if I didn't called him from his room... he won't make us dinner on time." Andrea rolled her eyes.

"Really, Seth? I thought I already made it clear to cook dinner as early as possible?" his father said.

"I'm sorry Da— Sir." He just responded.

His step-mom shook her head as they started eating. Seth just watched them eat and he can't hide the smirk forming on his lips.

"I'm feeling really dizzy right now, Mom and Dad. Maybe I should go to my room now." Andrea said as she stood up and made her way to her room.

"Same goes to me. I—" before his step-mom could finish her sentence, she was already passed out and is laying on the floor while his father just lost his consciousness on the chair.

Seth chuckled at the sight and approached the both of them. He lifted Julia, his step-mother off the floor to sit her up on the table. He brushed her hair to the side of her ear and pulled one of the chips in his pocket and attached it carefully at the back of her ear. He then does the same to James, his father.

After finishing, he made his way to Andrea's room but oh well, he already saw Andrea sleeping on the couch. He attached the chip on the back of her ear and sat beside her.

He pulled his phone out and opened the app that he just made. So Chip number one is attached to his father, Chip number two is with his step-mom and chip number three is with Andrea. He changed the name of the chips to their names respectively.

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