Chapter 23

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I'm so excited to write their final year! Especially with Chanyeol as Head boy, and now that Mirae is so attached to him, I feel that things are turning interesting. Stay tuned!


After we'd met with other prefects and briefed them over their duties, we parted our ways and found the others all cramped in one compartment. Just as we entered, Baekhyun started wolf-whistling and Junmyun pretended to throw flower petals and saluted at Chanyeol, like he had just made it out of a war alive.

"Hi." I greeted Jinyoung with a kiss. "Sorry Yumi, I never got to join you, I forgot about the Head meeting. Hello, Andrew, how were your summers?" I said it all rather quickly and they all raised their eyebrows at me in response. "Sorry I'm just a little bit distracted by recent events, such as Chanyeol becoming Head boy."

Yumi and Andrew looked appropriately surprised by this but Jinyoung just laughed and said, "Wow, that's a blow to his reputation."

"Excuse me." I sniffed. Baekhyun and Junmyun nodded solemnly.

"As a prankster, I mean. And since you, Mirae, does not have a prankster mastermind, so the honor is very deserving." He ended with a slight bow in my direction and I elbowed him in his ribs.

"You were absolutely the last person I was predicting to be chosen as Head Boy." Yumi said. "Well except perhaps Baekhyun."

"I know!" Junmyun agreed. "I mean I would have picked you, Andrew, before Chanyeol."

"Er...thanks?" Andrew answered uncertainly.

I glanced at Chanyeol who looked somewhat uncomfortable. I added, "But anyways, surprising as it is, I think he'll be good at it."

I earned myself a few raised eyebrows from everyone. "I do." I insisted and the subject was dropped.

The rest of the train ride was passed in usual manner: catching up on each others' summers and stuffing ourselves to our throats. It was nearly dark as we stepped back into campus building and I was beginning to feel all sad and nostalgic again with memories of our first day here rushing in my mind like a movie. 

But I didn't have much time to sort out my feelings when I caught sight of the juniors totally confused about the corridors and the sense of responsibility took over me. I hurried over to them and led them to the main hall where they were supposed to have dinner after Headmistress' address. I looked around for my fellow Head but he was nowhere to be seen.

We found our seats and were joined by Chanyeol, Baekhyun and Junmyun shortly after. All three of them were grinning in a way that I'd come to believe was associated with mayhem and disaster and trouble and every other word like that. I frowned at them suspiciously.

"All right, what have you lot done?" I crossed my arms, demandingly.

"What do you mean, flower?" Chanyeol answered with a carefully innocent look behind his glasses.

"What did I tell you about calling me names?"

"Now there's no need to get so touchy." He smirked.

I sighed turning to Baekhyun and fixed him with an accusatory glare.

"What?" He said defensively.

I no longer expected them to answer me so I glanced my fellow prefect. Junmyun shrugged and pointed at the stage. "The speech is about to start."

The student body quickly hushed quiet. Surprised, I looked around the gathered students and spotted Madame Jung walking briskly towards the teachers' table, grabbed the mike with anger fuming off her nostrils.

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