Chapter 43

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Chapter Forty-three

When Kaine passed through the In-Between, the spell he cast over the Master Mages was broken, unlocking the Council Chamber. Holding hands, they combined what was left of their magic to destroy the grimoire, which released their magic back to them.

Freed from their imprisonment, the Master Mages ran to the windows to learn what was causing all of the roaring and screaming. They were stunned to find their own towers under attack from the dragon queen and her mate.

A bright light drew their attention to the arena. It appeared to be coming from a mage they did not know who was sitting astride a golden dragon. Even from the distance they could see the rays of light that were radiating from the strange mage's eyes.

The Master Spellcaster pointed toward the gold dragon. "Is that the dragon that disappeared during the Binding Ceremony? It looks like her. Who is controlling her? I do not see Kaine down there."

"It is that boy there," said the Master Enchanter, pointing toward Jaxx. "I can see the magic emanating off of him from here and it is clear he has lost control of it."

The Archmage looked at the other mages. "We have just been released from the grip of one deadly maniac. We cannot allow ourselves and the Caer to be taken by another. Master Enchanter, you must get control of those wild dragons."

The Master Enchanter began casting a powerful spell. Thick tendrils of magic formed around him and then began reaching out toward both the dragon queen and her mate. The Archmage chanted alongside him, adding his own magic to make the spell more powerful.

The two dragons screamed in panic when the magic touched them. They were no match for the combined power of the Archmage and Master Enchanter and were quickly cocooned under the mages' spell.

"Protect!" the Master Enchanter ordered.

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