Chapter 32

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Chapter Thirty-Two

Jaxx's voice trailed off. Drakkar looked at him impatiently at first, but then grew increasingly alarmed when the boy stood unmoving, his eyes turning white and appearing to glow.

"Jaxx?" said Drakkar, but Jaxx did not reply.

Ask Ciarran what is happening, Drakkar said to Gareth.

Dragon magic, said Gareth after a pause. He takes that which has been made.

Drakkar grunted. Takes what which has been made? What did that mean? This was no time for dragon riddles.

Do you mean magic? Can the boy purge enemy magic? he asked Gareth.

Yes, said Gareth, that which has been made.

Drakkar had heard of Dragon Riders in the past who were able to purge magic, but no rider in his lifetime or his father's lifetime had shown that ability. He recalled the boy's story of escaping the mages from his old world. It made sense.

It could also explain why Jaxx had seemed unable to use magic during his training. If his talent was to cancel the magic of his enemies, there would not have been an opportunity for it to show itself at Drakkar as he would not have been exposed to any.

He looked at the boy's glowing eyes. Why was his talent showing itself now? Jaxx had no enemies here. Was his guilt over what had happened to Ella and his fear of punishment making him feel like he was the boy's enemy?

That seemed to be the likely explanation, but Drakkar was not using any magic. What was Jaxx drawing upon for his power? Drakkar thought of how Jaxx had held Ella in her magic-induced coma for hours while they rode back to Drak'ar. Perhaps he had soaked in the magic from that spell. Was he drawing on it even now?

The boy calls for his magic, Gareth warned, interrupting Drakkar's thoughts.

Drakkar snapped his fingers in front of Jaxx's face and spoke sharply. "Jaxx, wake up."

Jaxx did not reply. He stood still, a small smile on his face, his hair moving in a breeze that the lord could not feel.

"Jaxx," Drakkar said again, more loudly. When calling him failed to get the boy's attention, Drakkar grabbed his shoulders and gave him a shake.

Jaxx raised his hand and sent Drakkar flying backward against the wall. Ciarran and Gareth both bellowed.

Drakkar jumped to his feet. What was that? He rubbed his shoulder where it had hit the wall, careful not to make another move in the boy's direction. Jaxx's eyes remained on Drakkar, his body unmoving except for the clenching and unclenching of his fists.

Gareth, what just happened?

What is made becomes his, Gareth said.

Drakkar closed his eyes for a moment to think. There had to be more to the boy's magic than simply purging the magic of his enemies. Could the boy absorb his enemy's magic and then us it to make his own? Drakkar had never heard of such a thing.

"Jaxx, wake up," Drakkar said, careful not to touch him. The boy still did not respond.

A Dragon Rider had to control his magic, not the other way around. How was he going to keep his people safe from such a powerful, uncontrolled talent.

Tell Ciarran to help her rider, Drakkar told Gareth.

Ciarran roared and Gareth bellowed along with her. Nothing changed. Another dragon joined in and then another until every dragon in the kingdom was roaring. The noise was unbearable and Drakkar clapped his hands over his ears. After several moments, the wind that surrounded Jaxx died and the glow faded from his eyes. Drakkar grabbed him by the shoulders and slapped him hard across the face.

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