CHAPTER 1 {proposal}

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" Where are we going ?" I asked . Dimitri blind folded me , claiming to have a awesome surprise for me  , Dimitri and surprises ?I'm scared .

" Calm down we're almost there , shh " he answered . We kept walking for a short distance then stopped . "Are we here ?" I nagged . " Patience ".

He slowly removed the blind fold . "Oh my god , honey it's beautiful !" " But you didn't have to-"
." Anything for you sweetheart "
It was a white Bentley parked in the driveway .

His phone rang shortly ." Hold on sweetheart I have to take this "

With Dimitri and I  it was love at first glance . We've been dating for 4 years . But of course it gets difficult having to deal with his on and off meetings . perks of dating a drug lord I Guess

" Not to ruin the moment sweetheart , I have to rush off somewhere "
" It's okay " I sighed
" Come on cheer up , I'll make it up to you  , tonight " he smirked .

I rolled my eyes and we went inside .
Dimitri took a shower while I was getting dressed .


I got out the shower and saw my girlfriend half naked and getting dressed . I got dressed and stood behind her . I grabbed her by the waist .

And placed my one hand on her ass and squeezed it , just enough to make her wonder .

" Be good today " I whispered then let go of her . She flashed a beautiful smile and replied
" You too "

" I planned something tonight , wear that sexy little black number of yours " I kissed her on the cheek and left .


After work I got home and took a long amazing bath . I dried up and picked out a black cocktail dress and slipped it on . I heard the bedroom door open and it was Dimitri .

" You ready ?" He asked
" I don't know ,you tell me" I joked .
" You look perfect let's go " he took my hand and we left .

We drove fit for about 35 minutes until we stopped at a nearby restaurant named bouquet Garni . Dimitri opened the door for me and I got out .

We got inside and it was dark , except for a table right at the back which was candlelit .
" I booked the whole place "
" Babe , this is so beautiful " I remarked .

" Take a seat " he opened a chair for me .
" Before you sit ,I have something to ask you "
" What is it "
"  Rose Anderson will you be my wife  ?"

" Oh my god , yes !yes ! I will !" I yelled in excitement . He took my hand a slipped the ring on my ring finger and it fit just perfectly .

He placed both his hands on my cheeks and  kissed me

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