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"Morning Jacquie!" The nurse said

"Morning..." Jacquie said, still half asleep

"I'm just going to check your blood pressure, ok?" The nurse asked

"Yeah" Jacquie said, and the nurse checked

"Everything seems to seem really good! You can be discharged today!"  The nurse said

"Really?!" Jacquie said, sitting straight up in her hospital bed

"Yes, but no dance today." The nurse said 

"Fine..." Jacquie said

"Your baby seems to be fine as well...!" The nurse said

"Ok..." Jacquie replied

"Why do my parents hate me?" Jacquie asked, sighing and looking down

"I'm sure they don't hate you - they're probably just in shock, that's all..." The nurse said, trying to be positive

"Yes they do. I heard them last night. I heard them trying to get you to abort it whilst I was asleep, but you wouldn't let them because it's illegal here (I'm not sure if this is true but pretend it is) So now they want nothing to do with me..." Jacquie said, on the verge of tears

"I'm sure everything will sort itself out..." The nurse said, whilst leaving. Then Henry entered the room

"Jacquie!" Henry said, and ran into her room

"Hey Henry" Jacquie said, looking down 

"You alright?" Henry said, sitting down on the corner of her bed

"My parents want nothing to do with me..." Jacquie said, tears spilling down her face "They kicked me out of their house because I'm a disappointment for their name"

"Stuff your parents Jacquie!" Henry said

"Henry, I have nowhere to live!" Jacquie said

"Yes you do! You can live at my house" Henry said

"Your mum won't want me there." Jacquie said, sighing

"Yes she will! You know what? I'll call her now!" Henry said, dialling his mums number

*Hey mum!* Henry sad

*Hi honey... is everything ok?* Jean said

*I'm fine mom, but, you know Jacquie?* Henry said

*Your girlfriend, that you never stop talking about?* Jean said, and Jacquie quietly giggled

*Yes. her. Well her parents have kicked her out of their house because she's pregnant* Henry said, explaining the whole situation

*Oh my goodness, the poor girl! Of course she can stay! Put her on the line* Jean said

*Honey, you're welcome to stay as long as you need, ok?* Jean asked

*Thank you so much* Jacquie said

*You're welcome honey, I have to go now* Jean said

*Ok, bye. Thank you so much* Jacquie said and hung up

"See, Jacquie!" Henry said and Jacquie pulled him into a hug

"Now everything is sorted out, I'll help you pack!" Henry said, and they started packing her stuff. They finished packing and then the nurse discharged Jacquie

"C'mon, Jacquie!" Henry said, taking her hand and they walked back to the hotel where everyone was running through their next dance

"JACQUIE!" Richelle shouted, running up to her and hugging her tightly 

"I'm so sorry, for everything!" Richelle said

"It's fine, me too!" Jacquie said

"What did the nurse say?" Emily asked 

"That I'm all recovered but I can't dance for a few weeks...just for a safety precaution, you know?" Jacquie said, sighing

"Oh...ok...yes...everyone into costumes and getting hair and makeup sorted!" Emily demanded

"Richelle, you're changed, start warming up - we cannot waste a minute of time!" Emily said

After everyone was changed, everyone piled onto the coach and drove to the venue where Nationals was being hosted

"Ok everyone, good luck!" Emily said

"Yeah, good luck." Jacquie said, looking down at the ground, and they all went onto the stage

The curtain began to rise, and they new that this would not be a easy competition

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