character description and A/N

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(A/N this is my first fanfic so please give feed back I hope you like it cus I've had this idea in mah brain for a veeeerrry loooong time pls give feed back in da comments :3)

willow who-song born on Gallifrey with five siblings and orphaned, 3 of her siblings she has never met, the siblings she does know are Harumi jade princess who has re formed and Dawn who-song who is the master of materials (can become wooden water air metal in invisible ect.) and willow is master of animals but mainly just uses big angel wings (look it up)

she has looong flowing lilac hair  and pail white skin  when she feels extreme pain/sadness ect. hair hair changes colour to black non of the ninja have ever seen her cry she is best friends with Lloyd and was a child with him and took the tomorrows tea with him before she met Lloyd she was looked after at the monistary by Cole who considers her as a little sister and the rest of the ninja think of her in the same way (other than Lloyd obvs) she is the youngest member of the team and she loves pretty mutch everything

this is set after march of the oni and in season 8 she was late back and she hasn't told the other ninja why . . .

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