Author's Note

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Dear Readers,
This is a story I came up with some time ago based partially on the movie The Patriot and partially on actual history from the American Revolutionary War. The character Banestre Tarleton is loosely based off of the historical figure who bore the same name and Colonel Tavington from The Patriot. So, if you want to put it this way, I have created a character based on a real person, also based on a character who was based off of the real person...savvy? Don't worry, I realize just how unnecessarily confusing I've made it all sound...XD

Historical Note: The Green Dragoons (also known as the British Legion) was a Calvary unit composed of Loyalist Americans and soldiers from England. This unit was created during the American Revolution for scouting and other irregular operations and later became known as "Tarleton's Raiders".

I will try and update as often as I can with school and all but I apologize in advance if it is more than a few weeks between chapters.
Please rate and comment as often as you'd like. I enjoy people's feedback so don't be shy!

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