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Jennie POV
When the Sun Rise, I open my eyes and I look for the side. Lisa isn't with me, I thinks she's mad at me.

Before I get up, I receive a message, and I thought it was Lisa, it's my friend Jisoo.

From: Chikkin❤️| 7:30am

Hi to my precious Jenduek, I miss you so much Jen, BTW I'm going back to Seoul now, can you fetch me up?.

Only her? Ugh maybe Rosie push her again to go back in Seoul, ugh what a relationship so worst.

To: Chikkin❤️| 7:33am

You're going home in Seoul just you?

Then I got a fast reply to her.

From: Chikkin❤️| 7:33am

I'm with my  precious chipmunk, don't worry I'm not going home without a surprise.

I smiled and I went downstairs, I saw Lisa wearing a apron, and she's kinda cooking this early.

"Hon?" I said. Then she looked at me.

"Good Morning Honey, how's your sleep?" she asked while smiling at me. Ugh what a precious husband she is.

"Good Morning too Hon, Yes My sleep was great, BTW are you cooking something?" I asked.

"Actually yes, I prepared your breakfast now BTW, you can eat now." she said.

"Are you not going to have a breakfast?" I asked.

"Nah, I just eat early." she said while taking her apron off.

"Oh, are you going somewhere?, I mean do you have a free time today?" I asked.

"Actually yes honey, my friends are asking me to join them in arcade, were playing games for our stress reliever in company, why did asked btw?" she said.

"Um, actually hon, I was about to ask you some favor, but I think your busy." I said and she smiled at me.

"What is it? Just tell me?" she said.

"My Friend Jisoo is going home with her girlfriend, and she want me to fetch her up, but I don't want to be a third wheeler or alone." I said and she fucking laugh at me.

"Wait, I'll go with you instead, I don't want you to be a loner." she said and she picked her phone.

Then she call someone. When she end up the call she went on me.

"I cancel my friends arcade games, and they told me that it's okay, because they are busy too." she said.

"Why did you do that?" I asked.

"I told you, you're more important than my schedules." she said and kiss my forehead.

"Go changed now, I'm going to get my car ready." she said and winked.

Ughhhh, she is the type of person you will fall inlove.

~Time Skipped~

We're now at the airport, and we're waiting for the two lovebirds.

"Honey, do want to go in car? I think you're bored now." I worriedly said.

"Nah it's fine, don't mind me." she said.

When The two lovebirds came out, I want to have a cat fight with jisoo.

"Chill Jenduekie, I'm sorry we're late haha" she said.

"Ugh fine, oh BTW, I really miss you Rosieeee." I said.

"Wtf Jennie, do you just miss my girlfriend and not me!?" she demand.

While we're laughing, someone cut us.

"Ehem" Lisa said. Yah fuck I forgot her, and she's looking at me, oh right I hug Rosie so long.

"Oh Lisa is here, I thought you didn't bring her here." Jisoo said while looking at the mad Lisa.

"Are you guys going to chat here forever? Or were going home." she angrily said.

"Chill dude." Jisoo said and she want to pats Lisa's shoulder but...

"Don't touch me." she said.

"Oh BTW, I'm Park Chaeyoung." Rosie said.

"I didn't ask." Lisa's savagely said.

"Honey cal-" Lisa cut me off.

"Don't talk to much, I hate noisy." she said. Fuck.

Then Jisoo went over me and she whispered something.

"Your husband is kinda pissed off I think, and I think she's getting jealous." she whispered.

"Can't you stop talking you brat!" Lisa said while her hand is on Jisoo's t shirt.

"Ch-" she got cut off again.

"Talk again and I will crush you into a million pieces." Lisa said and she remove her hand, then she went to the car.

~Time Skipped~

We've been so silent for a hour, and it's kinda awkward. I look at Lisa and she's busy driving. Then I saw the lovebirds sleeping.

"Honey?" I said.

"What?" she said.

"I'm sorry if I pissed you off, I didn't even introduce you to Chaeyoung and I forgot you too." I apologise.

"It's fine, don't worry." she said and smiled at me.

~Time Skipped~

We got home, and Jisoo and Rosé stay in our house for one day, and it's okay for Lisa.

"Hey Jenduekieee, wanna hang out with us? You can Invite Lisa too." Jisoo happily said.

"I don't think if I join Jichu, and I think Lisa will be busy." i said while cooking.

"We can hangout today you know" Jisoo said.

"Su-" Lisa cut me off.

"You guys can't go somewhere in the middle of night."Lisa said.

"Ehhh whyyy"Jisoo said while pouting.

"If I said you guys can't go somewhere, don't go." Lisa said and she glare Jisoo.

I saw Jisoo gulp in nervousness.

"Chill dude, you're scarying me." Jisoo nervously said.

"You guys can rest now, I already prepare the guest room." Lisa said and Rosé nodded.

"Baby, Let's go." Rosé said while pulling Jisoo's arm.

When they go upstairs, I talk to Lisa.

"Hon, can you do me some favor?" I asked.

"Okay, what is it?" she asked.

"Can you stop being strict sometimes?, I think you're scarying our guest." I said and I feel disappointed in what I said.

"So you're stopping me being strict to them? What if I can't do your favor? Your going mad at me?, well I don't care." she said and left me in downstairs.

I think I pissed her off.

I went to Lisa's room and I knocked twice.

"Lisa, are you sleeping now?" I asked. She didn't answer my question so she's definitely sleeping now. Maybe I apologise to her tomorrow morning.

"I feel incomplete"

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