14. june 16, 2019

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Elle's eyes flickered open and the first thought she had upon awakening was how bad her head hurt. She winced at the pain caused by the light coming through the window.

Her second thought was wondering who the hell's arms were wrapped around her waist? And who's bed was this? She looked down and recognized the bed spread instantly, sucking in a sharp breath.

Elle noticed she was also wearing his t-shirt. The arms clutching her tightly were smattered with the tattoos she could draw from memory and her heart rate accelerated.

Her body was tucked against his under the covers and she felt warm and safe. She didn't remember a whole lot from last night, as she was a notorious light weight, so she attempted to gather her memories.

Ryan had cheated on her with that red head girl, she very clearly remembered that. She recalled running inside and going straight to Harry's room, that's when she probably changed into the t-shirt, and then....then what?

The memories were fuzzy, but Elle remembered Harry coming in, she was crying hard and felt so undesirable. But then he...

She gasped and sat up, abruptly, waking up Harry in the process. He grumbled and stretched, eyes opening slowly as Elle pushed her hair back with her hand.

"Good morning," he mumbled in an irresistible morning voice.

Elle's hands were shaking slightly as she recalled the memories, "Morning," she managed to squeak out.

She jumped slightly as Harry's fingertips trailed along her back as she was sitting before he gently pulled her back down into him.

"Harry," she started with a gulp, "Did we kiss last night?"

There was a small moment of silence before he nodded, "Yes."


His eyes widened, "Elle, I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have and you were drunk, and I was too, and it was a bad decision on my part because you were in no right mind to consent, and I just-"

She pressed her lips against his and he stopped. Her hand stroked his cheek as she pulled away and he smiled softly.

"Harry, you're okay. I want it," Elle whispered reassuringly.

Harry shook his head, "You were just so beautiful...I really shouldn't have done it last night..."

Elle smiled, "It's not last night anymore. And I wasn't beautiful, I was a crying snotty mess..."

Harry twirled her hair and stared into her eyes, "You were. But it was beautiful, you in my shirt...barely any makeup left sitting on the edge of my bed...I don't see the mess..."

Elle's heart felt like it was expanding and she couldn't help but blush, cheeks warm with desire, "I'm sorry I'm so high maintenance."

Harry chuckled, "I would do anything for you. I really would."

"Anything?" Elle asked.


She smiled, "Kiss me again."

He grinned at her wit and lifted the big white sheet over them so they were entirely under the covers, the sunlight creating a yellow glow inside their fortress.

Elle laughed as Harry propped himself up above her on his hands, grinning at Elle. She admired his bare torso as he leaned down and kissed her.

Her soft lips felt as if they were molded for his as they held each other, satisfying a newfound tension that began with Elle's adulthood.

Harry wanted to treasure every inch of her, worship her like a goddess. His tender touch made every part of her body feel special in the best ways.

He ran a thumb over her eyelid as they fluttered shut and continued it up into her hairline, running his fingers through the long blonde locks, "You're so beautiful, princess."

She blushed, chuckling, "I guess I don't have to get trashed to kiss you anymore."

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