This Jerk

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How dare he! I couldn't believe it! I hadn't even stepped into the house, I haven't been greeted, but here Caleb was, shamelessly checking me out. I glared at him, and recognition flashed on his face. He looked down at his crotch and shivered. I smirked. I hear Fee's high pitched squeal nearly shatter my eardrums.

"Andy! You're here! God, I've been looking for you everywhere! I'm so sorry that I didn't call you to let you know he was picking me up!" she rambled.

I laughed

"It's fine Fee, as long as I'm not a loner tonight!" I replied.

I'll admit, I had been worried that my parents and Caleb's parents would make me stick to him like glue. If anything I would be hanging out with Carter. I sighed dreamily. I turned to Caleb,

"Where's Carter?" I asked, hoping that I didn't sound like a desperate fangirl. Caleb smirked and pointed at the grand staircase.

"He's upstairs, you can go see him." He said cockily, I could read him easily. I groaned inwardly, he probably knew I was crushing on Carter, I would never hear the end of this. Blushing, I walked upstairs to Carter's room, or at least what I thought was Carter's room.

"Oh baby, just like that! Oh!" A seductive voice moaned. I cringed and quietly closed the door, begging my mind to erase the horrific image that had been imprinted in my mind. Oh dear lord, I had just walked in on Cindy, Carter's older sister, and her boyfriend doing oral. I shuddered and opened the next door. My jaw fell to the floor as I gazed at Carter's well defined eight pack in front of me.

"Oh my gosh, sorry Carter, I should've knocked!" I shrieked as I struggled to cover my eyes even though my mind was screaming "mmm that is one sexy thang".

Carter looked at me and checked me out, unlike Caleb perverted look, I did not mind Carter's eyes raking my body. I know him, he wasn't the arrogant, rude, sexist playboy his younger brother was. Carter was sweet and gentle, at least that's what most girls said.

"Andy! You're here! I actually didn't think you'd make it on time." He chuckled. I fought down the blush that was threatening to show.

"But you weren't even downstairs," I pointed out, "and you're not even dressed?"

He threw back his head and laughed "Touche. So I was actually gonna head out and ditch this boring dinner party, mom said she didn't mind. Wanna come?" seeing my uneasy face he added, "it's not gonna be an out of control druggy alcoholic party, it's mainly eighteen and up, with mature seniors and college guys." I thought about it, hmmmm. Let's see, would

I rather be here while Fee and Caleb made out or be with Carter. well that's a no brainer.

"You're right, I wouldn't want to be there when they make out either. Yuck." he says.

"Shit, did I say that out loud? I gotta stop doing that." I mutter, and look up at Carter. "Oh yeah, I'll definitely come, I so don't wanna be here when that happens." He laughs and nods.

"Go wait downstairs and I'll be right out." He says and starts digging around in his drawers.

I walk back downstairs and examine my outfit. Yuck, this outfit just screams dinner-party-with-my-business-obsessed-parents, or at least that's how my mind read it. I heard a giggle and looked over to see Fee and Caleb in an embrace looking at each other's eyes. I sighed, well at least one of us had found love.

"Found em!" Carter yelled as he ran down the stairs, jiggling his car keys.

"You lost your car keys?" I asked, "wow how organized. He put a finger to my lips and had a duck face expression on. I rolled my eyes and shoved him away playfully, then I remembered my dress, "hey can we quickly stop by my house? I need to change out of this funeral dress."

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