Chapter 21-Summer Camp

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Stella's been going back and forth between staying over at Colin's and her own house in town. She hasn't brought up me moving out yet since last week so I'm hoping it will be a while yet because I can't afford to live anywhere else right now.

Babies are expensive little creatures.

Willow and Jax are getting a little pickier with their food too. They've gotten bigger too and smarter. They don't like the powdered blood baby formula the high council gave us anymore.

I've resorted to feeding them cow blood from hamburger meat. It's the easiest and most affordable meat I can buy. They also can eat it safely without me worrying about them choking on something more chewy like chicken or steak. It's straight of Tom's own growing cattle farm too so it should be much healthier than store bought.

Someone knocks on the front door, I set down my piece of leftover pizza. Stella's sleeping over at Colin's tonight. She didn't text me about forgetting anything here. It's too late in the afternoon for a mail delivery. It must be Tom, but he told me he would be at the farm all day mowing.

I check the window first before opening the door. I blink thinking I'm seeing things. Only I'm not. My magic still feels gone, but what was I expecting? I certainly wasn't expecting him to be...alive. My heart pounds heavily as I stagger away from the window. I clutch the railing at the bottom of the staircase.

My mind races as I slump to the ground.

Did the devil resurrect him? I saw him die.

The doorknob rattles. "Aren't you going to let me in?" his smooth voice asks gently. I shudder wondering what he's thinking coming here.

He must use his own craft because the door unlocks and opens on its own revealing my old boss behind it. His hair is combed back neatly just like I remember it always being. He's even got on his same sunglasses too. My heart flutters when he takes them off and his dark blue eyes scan over my face in that lazy way of his.

His gaze departs from as he glances over the downstairs area around us.

I don't know what to say. He doesn't look like he just crawled out of his grave though. How long has he been alive for? My dream days ago with him in it, was it a conjoined dream? I don't feel the conjoinment between us now. I thought my magic would maybe return when I saw him outside, but I don't feel it or even see his.

It shouldn't make me disappointed, but I do feel a part of me is lost. I feel grounded when Nick is around as wrong as it is. It's as though something inside me returned, something that was away while he was in the grave. I shouldn't feel safe around him, but I...can't help it. I stand up, regaining my composure.

"How are you here?" I whisper while hugging my arms anxiously.

He steps around me and closes the door. "One of my subordinates dug me up."


"It's not really important, Ms. Parway. I did not come here to catch up," he begins all-business like. I thought he would at least care to know about the babies or something. Or me. Wait, what am I thinking? What he thinks and wants is irrelevant. I'm sure the coven will be here any moment. "I need to know if you are willing to donate some of your blood to me. I am in need of it quite badly since my body hasn't fully healed yet from the grave."

I give him a long look. Can't he see the fear written across my face? How could he just demand me give it to him without any explanation as to how he's alive again in the first place. Has he always been this blunt, this demanding? Of course he has, Stella told me how blind my muddled feelings made me to his behavior. 

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