Chapter 22: Jealous?

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-Again, I am so so so sorry for the long wait for this chapter. Thank you all for the support and patience!! Hope you all enjoy this chapter, Enjoy!-


Lucy's P.O.V

It was so weird.

That Sting kid kept staring at Natsu the entire class! I was getting kinda annoyed, but why was I annoyed? It made no sense. Sting kept smiling at Natsu, AND I SWEAR I SAW NATSU SLIGHTLY SMILE BACK!!


"MS. HEARTFILIA!!" I hear the teacher yell and jolt my attention to the adult currently standing in front of me. "Is something the matter, Ms. Heartlfilia?" I gulp, "U-Uh, n-no of course not..." She glares at me.

"Detention tommorrow." She says simply and walks back to the board to continue her lesson. Yep. Of course. Just AMAZING!

<><><><>After Class<><><><>

The bell rings and students rush out of the room. Once I squeeze out of the room and into the bustling hallway, I see something that made my blood boil. But why?

Normal P.O.V

Sting pulls Natsu away from the crowd and towards the lockers. "Natsu?! I didn't know you went to the same school as Yukino!" Sting exclaims excitedly.

"...I don't.....did you enroll in the wrong school Sting?" Natsu answers, trying to hold back a chuckle. "This is Sabertooth High...right?" At that, Natsu couldn't hold back and started to chuckle which got him a confused look from the blonde male in front of him.

"Sting....this is Fairy Tail Academy!" Sting paled and Natsu couldn't stop laughing which drew the attention of pretty much everyone in the hallway, but the two males didn't notice.

"YOU'RE TELLING ME THAT BASTARD SENT ME TO THE WRONG SCHOOL!!!" Sting seethed with anger. "Yup. Sounds like somehting he'd do anyway. So, are Rouge and Chelia in town with you?" Natsu questioned, still slightly chuckling.

"No...they're still in Clover. THAT BLACK-HAIRED BASTARD IS LUCKY TOO, OR I WOULD KICK HIS ASS RIGHT NOW FOR SENDING ME HERE!!" Sting was clenching his fists. "Woah, calm down. It's not that bad, you can still transfer." Natsu said.

"Oh, shut it! At least I know someone here. So, how have you been Natsu? I haven't seen you since elementary!" Sting exclaimed. "It has been a while. But right now, we need to get to class before we're late! We can catch up later!" Natsu running off to class.

All the students stood there in complete shock at what they had just witnessed. Sting walked around completely ignorant to the people not moving around him, trying to find his next class by himself since no one was bothering to help him.

Eventually all the students realized that they still had to go to class and the hallway went into chaos as kids shoved and pushed eachother, rushing to their next class.


Lucy's P.O.V

I couldn't find Natsu in the hallway so I figured he already went into the cafeteria.

Sure enough, I was right. Natsu was at our usual table of friends but with Sting. Seriously, why do I hate this guy so much! He's done nothing wrong! If anything, I should be happy for Natsu. Sting was talking to him! Well, sounds like they know eachother, but still.

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