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That's it. I was a harlot. A no good nasty whore. I needed to leave, to quit my job, maybe even move to another state.


I looked up to see Daniel in the room. He looked spent, both physically and emotionally.  He glanced to the messy bed, and then to my bags on the floor in front of it.

"You're leaving?"

I lowered my mascara afraid to speak. 

"Look, about last night..." He began.

"We don't have to do the thing." 

"What thing?"

"The thing." I said waiting for him to fill in the obvious blanks. "The thing where we pretend last night meant more than it did." He didn't say anything. " We don't need to do that thing where we talk about it and you tell me how great I am but that you love your wife."

"I do love my wife." He nodded.

I felt a pang of hurt and maybe even jealousy but forced myself to turn back towards me reflection in the mirror. "And I deeply care about Patrick.”

"But you don't love him?" He sounded suddenly hopeful.

I turned back to him. "I do." I said as convincingly as possible.

"You dont."


It was the oldest story in the book.

The younger, naive and attractive assistant and the older, married, boss having an affair.

But it wasn't an affair, Ryan Stevens had never intended to sleep with her boss. She wasn't interested in his money, his company, or even Daniel himself. She didn't even like Daniel Metzgar let alone want to sleep with him!

Her time at Metzgar's was simply just a paycheck she was accepting to fund her shitty little apartment. A miserable job that she probably wouldn't last more than a month at, none of the assistants ever did.

Besides, Ryan was with Patrcik and Patrcik was good to her. Mr. Metzgar was happily married and Ryan wasn't interested in toying with the idea of an affair. She had morals! She wouldn't be able to live with herself! She had high standards, standards Mr. Metzgar couldn't reach. She was a good girl, and a great girlfriend and she wouldn't stoop so low as to ruin a marriage.


Things change.


Alright lovies, this is important stuff here.

I am really wrapped up in this story and because I'm feeling pretty passionate about it, naturally I want to share it. This is however something I had planned on pursuing publishing.

Anyone who is reading this is pretty special. You get to be my first set of eyes. Something they call "beta readers." I have thick skin, I love productive criticism. If you have something to say about my book that will make it better by all means tell me. If you really don't like a certain line or chapter or character tell me so I can make it better, if you catch grammatical or spelling errors point them out. Anyone who can help me make this novel the best that it can be gets a dedication or special mention.

Now, I'm not saying comments like "wow this blows" are acceptable, because there's nothing productive about that. When I tell you that I love productive criticism I mean tell me why this blows, and then I can work to fix it! 


I wrote this book to sort of show the other sides of affairs. Seriously, there are tons of novels out there that feature the woman getting cheated on, either by her current partner or being damaged because a previous partner cheated. There are plenty of novels featuring a woman going through a break up, separation, or divorce because the husband cheated. Something you don't read very often is the story from a different point of view. 

You guessed it. This story is written from the mistress's point of view. 

This is the story of a good person who does a very bad thing and falls for the worst person possible. This is the story of how everyone gets hurt and everyone loses in an affair.

This is a story of decisions and choices, rights and wrongs, lies and deciets, losses and ultimately, love.


I'm going to suggest that those under 18 proceed with caution. There will be strong language, matures situations, and sexual content. Yes there will be a smutty scene or two, I will however post warnings at the beginning of each chapter that will contain sex or something I thing may deeply upset some.

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