My New Family Problems--1

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A/N: yes guys I know I haven't even finished my other story, but I like multi-tasking and I'll try to get up to date with Why did this happen to me? Oh right cause I was stupid enough to take that drink. Either way I'm better at just typing a new story or poem from my head then I am from trying to type it from the paper I've written it on.

My New Family Problems, that turned my World Upside Down (*I might change the name again later on*)

Chapter 1

"Don't you just love, love?" My mother sighed as she lay back on my bed.

"Mother I wouldn't KNOW anything about love now would I? I’m fifteen years old and YOU wont let me date." I told her, using mother instead of the usual mom.

"Sweetie come on mommy's getting married in the morning!" She jumped up and twirled around like a little kid.

"Mother I am NOT a child."

"I didn't say you were." She said. Her voice so happy and cheerful like her mood that she couldn't tell that I was upset.

"Then don't treat me like one." I mumbled. She stopped spinning and looked at me.

"What IS your problem?"

"Nothing mother." I replied getting up and opening the door. "Now will you please leave?" She walked out with out once looking back. I closed the door behind her.

My computer started dinging. Letting me know that then rest of the Quads have signed on to the chat room.

The_Flirter (Massie)

-Hey babes :p

Lover//girl (Alicia)

-mmmmwha! hehe ;)

Caring:-:Lover (Gwen)


Ember/~/Eyes (Me)

-Ya'll are weirdos.


-I know you are, but what am I?


-I'm 16 soooo it doesn't apply to me.


-Speak for yourself Emberlee. I'm also 16, but you and Gwen are only 15.


-I know I’m a weirdo. Your point is?


-Nicely put Ember. Nicely put. :D


-Sooo Ember. Your new family there yet?


-No not yet, but Jamison wont be here to night anyway. Just Robin and the twins. And Robin's friend and his friend’s younger brother.


-Robin? Who in the world is Robin? And who’s the friends


-He’s the 21-year-old son of Jamison and the twins Sarah and Zarah are 12. And IDK who the friends are.


-And how does your dear old daddy feel about your mom getting re-married?


-Alicia you know that my daddy has had a girlfriend for the past 3 years. And before you say it....yes I approve of Susan. She's like my step-mom already. I love her as well. She's more of a mom then my own mom now. You know that guys.


The doorbell rang from down stairs

"Emberlee Nicole Loxley! “My mother screamed from somewhere in the house. "Door. NOW!"



-Got to go girls. Robin, the twins and the friends are here. Bye


-Me to. My baby's calling in. Peace


-See ya! Wouldn't wanna be ya


-See you girls at 11 sharp tomorrow for the wedding at 1.

Caring:-:Lover had logged off.

Ember/~/Eyes has logged off.


I ran down the stairs so my mother wouldn't yell at me more for not getting there sooner.

"Emberlee Nicole!" She screamed just as I got there.

I rolled my eyes ignoring her and opened the door. "Hello." I answered as I took in the five people standing there. One of them stood out more then the rest. "Braylon?????"

A/N: Okay this is my new story 1st chapter. Tell me what you think of it please?

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