Chapter 11

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Jason's P.o.V
We all sat in a circle, the avengers with us. "So, the man is said to strike at the horse race happening this Monday, (It's Friday) we need to get there before he does. Got it?" Captain said. We all nodded and started planning where we would strike and attack. None of us planning what was about to unfold.

Saturday passed by with no problem but by Sunday we were all anxious, we didn't know what to expect. It was 1am right now and we were getting into a van seeing as we had to catch a plane. The horse race was called 'Course des chevaux' it was in France and Nico would almost die if he were to shadow travel us all so we decided to fly a plane for 6 hours and 50 minutes with a promise from Zeus he wouldn't kill Percy.

The airport was 3 hours away and we had to catch our plane at 6 so we needed to leave now. We took two vans like we did to Montauk beach, I was driving with Piper next to me reading the directions, the avengers decided we would take this mission so they were back at their tower. Behind me in our van was Leo and Calypso, Percabeth and Frazel behind them.

 Behind me in our van was Leo and Calypso, Percabeth and Frazel behind them

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"Are we ready?" I called out. I heard mumble yeahs and a very happy yeah from a Percy who had just had coffee. Which was a bad idea to give him coffee, it was almost as bad as Leo on skittles. Now that's scary. "And we're off!" I said as the van started. I turned the radio up and 'The Nights' by Avicii played (fun fact: I'm listening to that now) Piper started singing, soon Calypso, Leo and Hazel joined in. Annabeth was reading her book as Percy gently fiddled with her curls. Frank blushes as he listened to Hazel slightly sing under her breath, she was to shy to fully sing out like Leo, speaking of Leo, I pushed his face away from where it sat on my shoulder. He sat back and sulked, not for long though because then Calypso fell asleep, resting her head on his lap. He blushed and became quiet, very unusual for Leo, we'll have to bring Calypso on our road trips more often I think.

I turned a corner and Pipers limp head fell onto my shoulder, I sighed as I heard her cute snores, indicating she was asleep, I used my free hand and grabbed her hand that sat in her lap. I gave it a light squeeze as we stopped at a light, I checked the back and saw Leo asleep, his head against the window and his hand holding Calypso's. Percy was wide awake, shaking his knee and playing around with Riptide, as long as he didn't take the cap off we were good. Annabeth was still reading but I could see her slowly closing her eyes, her head leaning slightly on Percy's shoulder. Hazel and Frank were asleep, Hazels head on Franks shoulder and Franks head on her head. I turned my attention back to the lights as they turned green.
——————-time skip bought to you by Thanos snapping his fingers——————-
"Are we nearly there?" I heard Piper mumble as she slowly opened her eyes. "Nearly, just 20 minutes left Pipes," I said, quickly pecking her cheek, she nodded before playing with my fingers that held her hand. By now Percy was asleep and Annabeth had slept and was now awake, playing with the string of the sweatshirt on her, which I may add belonged to Percy. Hazel was asleep but Frank was awake, looking out the window and Leo and Calypso were still asleep. I chuckled at the drool slowly coming from Percy's mouth, remembering the story of how Percy and Annabeth first met. "Eyes on the road Sparky," Piper mumbled, her attention still on my fingers. "Ok Beauty Queen," I said using her nickname, she smiled shaking her head slightly.

We were now at the airport or might I add on the plane. Percy was worried even though Zeus had sworn on the River Styx not to blast him from the sky. "Why couldn't we of used our dragons," he muttered over and over again, "because it would just be weird seeing dragons fly in the sky Seaweed Brain, the mist doesn't cover them up that well they are that big." Annabeth answered over and over again. Percy's face paled as we suddenly lifted off and I laughed at him, he poked his tongue out at me, Annabeth facepalmed.

I turned my attention to the window as I felt Piper grab my hand and rest her head on my shoulder. "At least I'll know their language," she said randomly and I only now realise none of us know French, only Piper does. I groaned. "You're going to be doing a lot of talking Pipes," I said turning my head to her. She grinned, "I thought so."

The flight went well with Percy not getting killed and we all got into the van we had rented. We finally got to the hotel and hopped out, I grabbed my luggage and raced to the room, we had just gone through the reception and now I unlocked the door. We walked through and Leo immaturely picked the bedroom he wanted, Calypso groaned, "you see what I have to put up with?" We all laughed and went to our respected rooms. We had all slept either in the drive or flight so we weren't to tired.

We walked pass multiple cafes before stopping at one for lunch. "I'll take the White and Pink Macaroons, two of each. And a salted caramel frappe," Annabeth said, Piper nodded, "I'll take the blue donut and 3 blue Macaroons, thanks Pipes. Oh and a coke thanks, I guess they won't be able to make it blue will they." Percy said. Piper nodded and Percy awwed before sitting next to Annabeth. "I'll just get a water and a jam donut." I told Piper and she nodded, turning to Leo and Calypso, "I'll get the triple-beefed burger and a mocha frappe." Leo told Piper before looking at Caly. "I'll just get a baguette thank you Piper, as well as a lem-lemonade is it called?" Piper turned to Hazel and Frank. "I'll get a ham and cheese croissant, no drink thanks, Frank said he'll get the Cheese cake." Piper rushed to the counter and ordered. We waited a while and talked about our mission. A bit later our food came.

"What'd you get Beauty Queen?" I asked, she looked at her soup, "it's potato, onion and something else soup." She smiles and dug in, so did everyone else.

We finally all finished our little walk and went back to the hotel before falling asleep. We needed a good night sleep before we faced the events about to happen in the morning.


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