1. Light In The Dark

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John ran out of the house, swinging his arms. His heart was pounding in his chest so fast that he could literally hear and feel the thumping of it like his heart was going to explode anytime. But as much as he wanted to, he couldn't stop now. He wanted to see if he was alone or if Hannah was behind him but he knew he cannot turn back now.

As he was running past the front yard, the dried and dead leaves began to make cracking sounds as he stepped on them.

Please don't come. Stay there.

When he came out on the dark street, he dared to stop to catch his breath and slow his racing heartbeat down. He looked behind him to check if Hannah was behind. But he could not see her. He was in the middle of nowhere. There was only the house a little far behind him and the moon above. The streets were empty and dark with no streetlights but only the moonlight lighting the entire scene.

Please Lord, help me.

He looked around. But no one was in his sight as far as he could see. His mouth was dried and body shaking with fear. He rested his hands on his knees as he panted for some air and coughed due to the dryness in his mouth.

Suddenly, he thought he heard a honk. He looked up. A bright light shone in his eyes and blinded him. He squinted his eyes and covered them with his arms.


There was a concern in the voice. Like the tone of a mother when you are still out late at night without a text or a call and all the negative thoughts come to her mind. She tries calling you, but your phone is unreachable. She tries calling your friends but none of them know where you are. She starts to get worried and when she hears that doorbell, all she could think at that moment to lord is to let that be you. She is concerned about your safety. And when she opens the door and sees your face, she says your name with the same tone as this voice which John heard had. It sounded familiar to his ears.

"Are you alright, John?"

Slowly, John puts his arms down with his eyes still squinted.

"Where's Hannah?"

He blinked a couple of times with a strain in his eyes. He blinked again trying to adjust his eyes to the bright light in his surroundings.

Slowly, he could figure out the silhouette of a man sitting in the driver's seat. With a few steps, he approached him. When he was close enough, he thanked God.

"Father Williams, Thank God."

John was so relieved seeing his face that he let out a huge breath as he rested his hands on the car's door.

"Where's Hannah?"

"It's a long story. But we have to get out of here! NOW!"

"What about your sister?"

"There's no time Father, I'll tell you on the way."

John was glad that someone came for help, for helping him get out of there but he still hasn't forgotten that Hannah could or could not be unconscious. She could (definitely) or could not (temporarily) still be onto him and everyone. He has to get out of there.

Saying this, he got into the car and closed the door as the engine started.

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