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I've teased him.

I've pranked him.

I've hurt him.

I've yelled at him.

I've comfort him.

I've gotten him drunk.

I've seen him grow.

I've seen him cry.

I've laughed at him.

And finally, I have unexpectedly falling in love with him.

Hi, guys! I know you all are probably sick and tired of me and my stories, but this just might be my last one? Not sure. Anyway, this is the "my best friend's brother" story I talked about awhile ago. I just wanted to throw it out their for those who are interested to read. 

Michael Trevino is the guy I want to play the brother who the best friend falls for, but you are all welcomed to imagine whoever you want of course. Trevino was the first guy I thought when I thought of this story. 

I also want to know if someone could create a cover for this story? I completely suck at them and I can't stress creating one.

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