Authors note:

Hey there! This happens to be the first time i have ever tried to write my own fanfiction so im kinda new at all this, but besides all that i hope you enjoy my fanfic :)

Also just incase anyone gets confused the boys arent famous at the start of the story but they will eventually get there sometime during the story. 

Oh and one more thing i forgot to mention this story has got self-harm, swearing, abuse, and some Romance ooh lala ;)

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~CHAPTER ONE~ (I wish things were the same)

 (Tamika's P.O.V) 

"Please stop....." I pleaded whilst clutching to my stomach, I tried so hard to fight the tears back but the pain is just to strong to handle. "Don't tell me what to do you SLUT!!" Jake yelled at me at the same time as his fists came to my left cheek, I clenched onto my face as he spat in my face and walked of with his mates. Once I couldn't see him and his group I slid down against the wall and pulled my legs up so my face was hiding whilst I cried my heart out. When i couldnt cry anymore because of how much i cried i decided I should probably go home, where i have to help protect my little brother from our dad. 

My Name is Tamika Jay Williams, but my brother likes to call me sis or TJ for short. My brothers name is Mitch but I dont really have a nickname for him, we dont really fight that much but if we do end up fighting it hardly ever lasts for 2minutes, I would probably say that we arent really like normal sibiling who always fight, this is probably because we need each other to survive through the things we have been going throught recently and Im glad i have my brother and he has me but at times things just get too hard for me to look after him all the time. 

I had to pick my brother up from football training. Just before Mitch and I walk through the door we both prepare ourselves for whats going to happen to us behind that door. I unlock the door and look around before I whisper to Mitch to go straight to his room, only because I dont want him to see what happens next. Mitch nodded and ran straight to his room and locked the door behind him whilst I was about to put my bag down I heard the kitchen door slam open and here came all the abuse I get everyday after school.

"WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN YOU LITTLE SLUT YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN HERE 1 HOUR AGO!!" my dad yelled at me, "I had to pick Mitch up from football training, you know that i always pick him up after school on a Wednesday so why would you ask me that?" I say with a bit of worry in my voice, im scared to hear what he has to say next but before he said anything he punched me straight in the stomach where i was punched earlier today by Jake and his group. "WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? DON'T FUCKING TALKED TO ME YOU LITTLE SLUT!! NOW FUCKING LITSEN TO ME AND GET YOUR LITTLE CUNT OF A BROTHER DOWN HERE!!!" He slurred because of how drunk he is and even when he isnt drunk he always still abuses us. "NO!!! YOU AREN'T GOING ANYWHERE NEAR HIM!!!" I yelled back but only to get hurt even more and this time when he punched me I saw Mitch in the corner of my eye crying, geez how much i hate seeing my little brother cry, my dad kicked me in the shins and i fell to the ground crying in agonizing pain not just because of how much i am being punched and kicked but its because i know my brother is watching this and knowing he shouldnt have to go through any of this. "MITCH GET UPSTAIRS AND INTO MY ROOM YOU LITTLE CUNT!!!" my dad yelled at Mitch. "No....!" Mitch replied looking abit upset and terrified for his and my life. "DON'T FUCKING ACT TOUGH WHEN YOU AREN'T! SO GET UP THE STAIRS OR ELSE I WILL GET YOU THERE MY WAY!!" my dad yelled whilst holding his hands by his side clenched as fists. Mitch was about to walk up the stairs but i new exactly what would happen if he end up going upstairs with dad and without thinking i quickly yelled out "No leave him alone and just take me," i said "just please dont hurt Mitch....." I whispered loud enough so they both could hear. After that my dad picked me up and took me to his room. whilst laying there i was crying on his bed whilst things were going on. i closed my eyes and tried my hardest to blank out of this horrifying moment of my life....