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I wrote this a few years ago...


you know i don't wanna do this

but its time i leave

and i know part of me is still a kid

but you've made your choice

and you always choose him

i cant take it anymore

hes just so mean

youre never here

sometimes i wonder if you even care

this is exactly what ive feared

come on, youre not being fair

this is the last time you hurt me

this is how it has to be

oh no, im not going to give in

especially if i feel the future will replicate how the past has been

i don't feel secure in this so called home

i'm sorry mom but ive gotta go

i'm 18 and its my choice

sometimes it seems that i don't have a voice

and i wonder if you even hear me

after all ive said

you act as if you dont wanna see

you never listen to my reasoning

yeah, i know

it must be heart rendering

but i gotta go now

i would say bye

but i dont know how

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