Chapter 9

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Stretching down the bed, I wiggled my feet against the soft, cool fabric of the sheets. It was something I always did when first climbing into bed, and even now I didn't know why. There was just something enticing about clean, new sheets against bare skin that made me want to wiggle.

The duvet of my queen sized bed enveloped me like a comforting hug, my head sinking down into the plush pillows. This was the most comfortable hotel bed I had ever slept in, and found myself excited to climb into it every night after a long day on set. It had become my refuge away from home, and would be for the next few months.

Ashley was currently typing away on her computer in her neighboring bed, completely ignorant to my presence. Her ear buds were in, her attention focused on whatever she was working on so intently that I may as well have been in the room alone. Not that I minded. Sometimes, I liked a little solo time, especially on the verge of what was to come the next day.

Filming officially started tomorrow for Life After You, and I was a jumbled mix of nerves and excitement. We had stayed late on set doing final preps on the script, not venturing out into the New York air until the sun was already sliding behind the skyscrapers and disappearing into the sea. After a quick dinner of room service and a long, hot shower, it was time for a little mindless Internet time to distract me.

I had barely begun to scroll through my Twitter feed, reading through posts from excited fans on how much they were anticipating the show, when a new DM popped up on my screen. Looking at the name of the sender, I jumped, almost dropping my phone on my face.

Harry Styles @theRealHarryStyles

The countdown is on. You ready for this?


My brow furrowed at the message, before I looked to the photo he had attached along with it. It was one of him laying in what I would assume to be his hotel room bed, his dark hair messy and untamed against the white pillows. He was shirtless, the top of his tone chest on display along with an adorable, scrunchy grin.

The photo was a mix of frustrating and down right swoon worthy.

My stomach tightened as my mind slowly began to emerge from the Harry Styles haze. For him to be DMing me, would mean that he had followed me. It had been a while since I had taken the time to check my notifications, and it would appear that I had missed a rather important one. Opening his profile, it was confirmed.

Harry Styles follows you.

Holy shit.

My inner fan girl let out a small squeal, while my composed exterior remained unaffected. It only made sense for him to follow me, I told myself. He was staring in a show I wrote. Besides, it would make good publicity. People would see that we follow each other, and assume a camaraderie. No reason for anyone else to know that I considered Harry a handsome, talented, irritating playboy whose ego wouldn't fit through a cargo bay door.

Pulling myself together, I considered what to reply. I wanted to remain cordial, but was determined not to fall for his charm. I smirked to myself as my thumbs tapped along the screen.

Kate Garrett @KateGarrettBooks

I was born ready. The real question is are you?

It took only seconds for those three little dots to appear at the bottom of the screen, indicating he was typing a reply.

Harry Styles @theRealHarryStyles

Ready and willing ;)

I scoffed with a roll of my eyes.

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