29: Il Mio Raggio Di Sole

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I woke up with an ominous feeling. Obviously that means that I should get up. I try to sit up, but realize I am tangled in a blanket. I will not admit that when I tried to untangle myself I fell off the couch.

After taking care of my morning business, I leave for the kitchen seeking coffee. And then maybe some food.


"Come on! Can it really be that bad?"


"I'll be there to help you!"

"You'll be there to get impaled!"

"You can't seriously be that bad."

"What's this about?" I wonder as Clint and Percy argue.

"He's trying to teach me archery!" Percy accuses, pointing at the legacy.

"He thinks he'll hit me!" Clint says, exasperated.

"Oh, definitely." I nod. "He's more of a danger to his allies than his enemies."

Clint splutters as I search for coffee. I smell it. Where is it? Oh. Those stronzi! How dare they? I should dump the coffee on them for drinking out of the pot. Heathens.

"You stronzi paganos. You do not drink out of the pot." I glare at them.

"Don't hate on my lifestyle." Clint pouts.

"I am not hating. I am judging." I steal the pot and find the mugs, pouring out the remaining coffee for them to drink. "You drink like civilizzato people, or I will dump the coffee on tu."

I clean out the coffee pot, because germs.

"What's civilzato?" Clint asks quietly, most likely to Percy.

"Civilizzato." I correct.

"Fine that. What is it?"

"Civilizzato." I say.

"I don't know what that means." Clint states.

"It is civilizzato! Sei sordo or something?" I question grumpily as I open the shelves for the coffee beans/grounds.

"I don't know what you are saying." Clint groans.

"They are not parole complicate!" I grumble.

"It is too early for this shit." Clint whispers.

"I agree." I tell him, as I pull out the coffee grounds.

"Nico, I think you were saying some stuff in italian." Percy says.

"Oh. Will says I have a habit of mixing up the languages. Especially in the mornings." I admit.

"Oooh." I can hear Percy wiggling his eyebrows.

"Percy shut up or I will cut out your lingua."

"Okay, okay, fine. But seriously, you can't teach me archery Clint. We don't even have a healer here." Percy says, attempting to convince Clint.

Clint gives me a look before turning back to the mug now in front of him. "I just wanted to give you something to do. Sorry."

"Clint, it's not like that. I just don't want to risk hurting anyone."

"I can see if Will is available." I volunteer, hoping that the answer is yes and I have an excuse to bring him here.

"I mean, I guess." Percy says, scratching at his neck. "What do you think, Clint?"

"Who is he?"

"Head doctor at camp. I've told you this before, haven't I?" Percy says.

"Maybe." Clint shrugs. "I think that'll be okay, as long as he's good with it.

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