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Sophia's POV
"Sophiaaaa," I heard pulling me out of the darkness. I look up from my pillow and see Tala sitting on my stomach. Her smile intensifies as she sees my gaze come across hers. My room door swings open and Brody runs into my room.

"Tala I told you that you can't disturb Sophia," Brody says picking her up off of me.

"I'm so sorry Sophie I was supposed to keep her out of here," he apologizes giving Tala a slight glare. I stifle a growl towards Brody for treating Tala like that.

"How long have I been out?" I ask him looking out the large window wall. I look back at him and shift my body into a more comfortable position.

"It's been three days," he says setting Tala back down. She hops back onto my bed and lies down next to me.

"Where's Titus?" I wonder. My hand goes to my tender neck and runs over the two puncture holes that was recently made three days ago. His presence in my head was made known when I felt a pressure on my mind. I opened my walls and let him through.

"Did you just wake up?" I heard his deep voice ask through the link we now shared. Now he knew all my thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

"Yes Sophia I do know all your thoughts feelings and emotions," I heard him say. I could basically see his smirk through the link as he said that.

"Yes I did just wake up but I might just go back to sleep to avoid you," I say back sarcastically. I heard him scoff through the link and I laugh.

"You enjoying the link y'all have now?" Brody asks with a smirk on his face. I roll my eyes and sit up.

"Woah there tiger where are you going?" He says holding his hands out to help me. I look at him weirdly.

"Um my bathroom is there a reason you're being protective all of a sudden?" I ask suspiciously. He puts his hands back to his side.

"Well since you've been marked Titus has become more possessive and wants you to be watched wherever you go especially with the increase of rouge attacks," He explains. I shake my head in disapproval.

"So you have to follow me everywhere?" I ask raising my eyebrow.

"Well not me to be exact more like a trained member of the pack has to be with you wherever you go," he starts to explain. I let out a sigh and start to walk to the bathroom.

"So are you gonna come into the bathroom or are you gonna wait outside," I ask a little sarcastically. His face reddens and he shakes his head.

"I'll stay outside and watch Tala," he chuckles. I laugh to myself and walk in and close the door.

"Wait Tala needs to get ready," I said peeking my head out of the door realizing she wasn't changed when she was on top of me. Tala leaps out of Brody's arms and ran into mine. I stuck my tongue out and Brody fake pouted.

"Hah she likes me better," I laugh. He rolls his eyes and flicks his wrists telling me to go into the bathroom. I lock the door behind me and set her down on the sink counter.

"I need to get you a stool that way you can reach the sink," I tell her. She nods and I laugh at her cute face. We brush our teeth and change and we walk out holding hands. I put her on the chair and I see Charlotte and Brody talking.

Now that I saw them standing side be side I could see the resemblance in their faces. Their eyes had the same glow I see in Brody's.

I take out a new bottle of orange juice and pour two glasses. One for Tala and one for me.

"Sophie?" I heard Brody ask.

"Hmm?" I said not taking my eyes off of the glass I was pouring. I walk over to Tala and set the glasses then rest my weight on the table.

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