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Previously on Fatherhood...
"Im sorry Kirishima but Im terribly busy. Maybe next time, bye!"
"Who wants to spy on Midoriya~?"
"Izuku!" "Itsuka!"
"Um why are they headed towards that preschool tho?"


"MIDORIYA HAS KIDS!?" The whole class shouted. However their shout was heard by the couple as they began to look around for the source.

"Shh! Shut up guys or you'll blow our cover!!" Mina hissed as they stopped bickering and looked at the couple who were now trying to look for the source of the sound.

[At Izuku and Itsuka]
"Who was tha-" He was cut off by his girlfriend tapping her shoulder.
"Hey Izu let's just forget about it and go home kay?"
"Yeah hey Eri hold on tight okay? E-Eri?"
"What is it papa?"
"Hold on tight kay'? You might fall off..."
"Okie daddy!"
"Papa is already good but oh well!"
"Hey Dad can we go for ice cream?"
Suddenly the two year old in Itsuka's arms perked up.
"Did anyone say ice cweam?"
"Alright alright fine! Lets get ice cream."
"Yay!" The three children shouted.
"But you have to brush your teeth when we get home okay?"
"Yes papa/Daddy/ dada!"
So the family went on to buy some ice cream.

"Man! Midoriya is super manly!"
"Oh-Oh! Just wait till Aizawa hears about this!" Mineta said as the others looked at him.
"Mineta don't gossip!"
"You cant take me alive!!!!"
He shouted as he ran away.

[At Izuku and Itsuka's place]
"Alright kids! Bedtime..."
"They're already asleep honey."
"Oh okay, I guess more time to ourselves then!"
"Um Let's try and not make our own child okay?"
"No promises!"
Izuku said as they ran into there room as they start a love filled night.

"Mmm~ Izuku?" Itsuka said as he looked towards the sleeping greenette who suddenly shot his eyes open.
"Yeah what is it honey?"
"I don't think I can walk..."
"O-oh well I'll carry you then!"
"But didnt you want to keep our relationship a secret?"
"Yeah but if its for you," He suddenly looks straight into Itsuka's eyes. "I would tell the whole world my secrets."
Itsuka blushed at his boyfriend's cheesiness but he is being sweet and sincere about it so she let it pass.
"Alright then carry me and wake up the kids please!"
[At the children's bedroom]
"Alright kids wake up!"
"Daddy why are you carrying mommy?" The two year old (A/N: I'm just going to call her by her name okay?) asked.
Izuku and Itsuka look at each other.
"Umm, Well... Uhh....  You see Kana,Mommy umm tripped! and.... Uhh... sprained her ankle! Yeah! She sprained her ankle" Izuku answered.
Kana then looked at both of them with a scared look on her face. "M-mommy s-spwained hew ankle!? Because she twipped!? Awe you okay now mommy?"
"Yes I'm okay now sweetie now go and eat your breakfast alright? So we can drop you off for school" Itsuka ssid as the three obeyed.

"Hey honey do you wanna use the car today? seeing as you are kinda disabled right now..." Izuku asked his girlfriend.
"Do as you please Izuku."
"Alright let's call the kids then!"
"Wait let me do it, they always seems to listen to me..." Itsuka said while Izuku fake pouted.
"Wait are you saying that they don't respect me anymore?! I should have known!" Izuku said as a forced tear drop ran down his face. Itsuka looked at Izuku and giggled slightly at her boyfriend's antics.
"Oh and now your laughing at me!"
"They don't hate you sweetie, they just like me better!"
"Alright fine but," Izuku got real close to Itsuka's ear "You owe me one" He said as he groped her while nibbling on her ear.
"Ah~ I-Izuku t-the Ah~ kids!"
"Alright alright"
Itsuka then called the kids and they got inside the car. They drove the kids to school and got to U.A. just in time... For the principal to call them.

[At The Principal's Office]
"Sit down Midoriya, You are in some deep shit" Aizawa said. Then he saw Mineta and the rest of the class 1-A girls there.

Well I'm doomed.

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