Annabeth tells Percy

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After their encounter with Jason and Piper, Annabeth and Percy walked to a restaurant that was about two blocks from the hotel.

Annabeth seemed distracted, and Percy knew she was hiding something.
"Annabeth, what's wrong?" he asked as they sat at a booth in the restaurant.
Annabeth, startled answered, " Nothing Percy, it's nothing." Percy quietly ate his pizza, knowing something was wrong but he didnt want to pressure Annabeth. She would eventually tell him.

They paid and walked through the park holding hand with Percy pointing out random things about the park. They sat on a bench, which overlooked the kids playing on the playground. Finally after several minutes of being silent Annabeth spoke up.

"Percy, I need to tell you something..."she whispered softly. Percy looked concerned at Annabeth. "What is it?"he asked. Annabeth took a deep breath.
"Percy, I'm keeping it no matter what, so what you do or say won't change my mind."
"Keeping what? Annabeth, what are you talking about?"Percy asked starting to feel his heart speed up.

Annabeth took another deep breath," Percy, the thing is....Percy I'm- I'm pregnant." she whispered again.

Percy felt himself pale. His eyes widened as he looked from Annabeth to the ground. He found breathing harder to that at that moment.

"You're-your'e pregnant?"he stuttered. She nodded gently.
"But...what? How? I-I ... I dont understand."
He saw the hurt in Annabeth's eyes, as if what he had said hurt her.
She looked at the ground with watery eyes.

A tear ran down her cheek.
"Wait, Annabeth please don't cry...please." Percy pleaded and took her hands in his. Annabeth still looked down. Percy lifted her chin up and looked straight into her eyes. "What are you scared of?"he asked her as he cupped her face with both his hands.

He whipped the tears off Annabeth's face. "That you'll leave me, with the baby alone...and never come back." Annabeth whispered and started sobbing.

Percy held Annabeth against his chest as she silently cried.
"Don't ever think that Annabeth. I would never leave you. You're everything to me and you know it."
Annabeth stopped sobbing and looked at Percy," You mean it?" she asked. Percy nodded," I swear on the River Styx."he promised. Annabeth wiped away her tears.

Percy kissed her cheeks softly and intertwined his hand with hers pulling her up with him.

"Cmon wise girl and junior Percy, let's go back to the hotel."
"Junior Percy?" Annabeth asked as she stood up.
"Well our baby of course!" Percy said excitedly. He saw a small smile form on Annabeth's lips.

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