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All was heard was the sound of beeps... these beeps were from the machines that were keeping Jacquie alive. Henry, Richelle and Emily were sitting in the waiting room, waiting, waiting, waiting, to hear news about Jacquie. Around 30 minutes later, a middle aged nurse walked up to them.

"Hello, are you Miss Beaton?" The nurse asked

"Yes I am! Is Jacquie ok? What's wrong?!" Emily asked worried

"May I speak to you in private?" The Nurse asked

"Oh... uh... yes!" Emily said and they walked over to the corner of the waiting room

"Well... Jacquie has (I'm just making this up by the way about all this medical stuff) a burst appendix, but that's not all..." The nurse said

"Oh no! What else is it?" Emily said, with growing worry all over her face

"Jacquie is also 4 weeks pregnant..." The Nurse said

"Wha...what?" Emily chocked

"I'm afraid I cannot give you anymore information as you're not a parent/guardian" The nurse said

"Oh... uh.. ok" Emily said

"I suppose I should call her parents?" Emily asked

"That would be good!" The nurse said

A few hours later Jacquie's parents arrive, along with her sister, Davis

"Where is she?!" Miss Emerson asked, barging through the waiting room

"Through here, if you'd like to follow me" The nurse said, and they walked into her room

"She's been through surgery so she'll be a bit sleepy and groggy... but we've alsofound something else..." The nurse told her parents

"What? What is it?" Mr Emerson said, getting flustered

"Your daughter is 4 weeks pregnant..." The nurse said

"What!?" Miss Emerson said, forgetting her high and mighty ways

"Our daughter doesn't even have a boyfriend!" Mr Emerson said

"Re-test her!" Mr and Miss Emerson demanded

"I'm sorry, but she's tested for 100%!" The nurse said

"EMILY COME IN HERE PLEASE!" Miss Emerson shouted

"Does Jacqueline have a boyfriend?" Miss Emerson asked

"Yes, she does..." Emily said

"Bring him in here at once!" Mr Emerson said and Henry walked in

"This is her boyfriend..." Emily said

"YOU! YOU! You got my daughter pregnant!" Mr Emerson said, pointing his finger at Henry

"No, I didn't!" Henry said, truthfully

"I don't believe you!" Miss Emerson said

"Nurse, tell me, is there away to see who is the father of my daughters baby?" Mr Emerson said

"Yes, we have already tested, and it came back as Jack Myers..." The nurse said

"Oh my god... he's the boy who was beating her up" Emily said

"Who?" Mr Emerson asked

"Um... Jack? Didn't he come round your house once?" Emily asked

"The only Jack who came round was a nice boy... well brought up!" Mrs Emerson said

"I think that was an act! He was definitely not nice. He beat her up and knocked her unconscious!" Henry said

"Oh my god!" Davis said

"Come along sweetheart, we need to notify the police!" Mr Emerson said, looking at Davis and Cynthia

Henry went and laid next to Jacquie on her hospital bed, whilst Richelle and Emily perched on the end of the bed whilst her parents went off to report him to the police

"What are we going to do about Nationals?" Richelle said

"We're short a dancer!" Henry said, looking at Jacquie's tearstained face from earlier today

"D...Davis... t...ta...take..my... place..." Jacquie said weakly

"I can't!" Davis said 

"D...do...it for me..." Jacquie said

"C'mon we have to go! We're on stage in 2 hours!" Emily said 

"I'm not leaving her side!" Henry said

"Me too!" Richelle said "She's already gone through too much alone!" 

"Go...n...now...please.. Richelle...Henry" Jacquie begged

"If you want us too?" Richelle said 

"Yes...n....now go..." Jacquie said whilst closing her eyes and drifting off to a calm, recovering sleep

At The Hotel:

"Ok everyone! Good, everyone here is ready!" Emily said

"Richelle and Henry, get into your costumes and do your hair and makeup!" Emily said

"Everyone, this is Davis, Jacquie's older sister - she'll be dancing in Jacquie's spot because Jacquie's Appendix has burst but she's ok and is doing well...!" Emily said

"Ok... Where's Jacquie's costume..." Emily asked

"Over here!" Kenzie said

"Thank you!" Emily said and gave it to Davis quickly

Davis quickly learnt Jacquie's part and ran it through a few times perfectly

"Go get changed." Emily said and Davis came back 15 minutes later in her costume with her makeup and hair done

A-Troupe all bundled onto the coach and got there just in time, they quickly signed in and went backstage

"Ok, good luck everyone! You'll kill it out there! Remember, just do your best and do it for Jacquie!" Emily said and they all got into their starting positions

They were all ready to give a performance of a lifetime

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