Thank You Note

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Picture above is me, the author

Well guys, that concludes the end of the series known an "Yandere Gangster x shy Male Reader"

I cannot see any other way of me writing another story on these lot as I simply don't wanna ruin the perfect story I've got right now.

I'm truly so happy with the way it's turned out and with the amount of you lot that have enjoyed it but sadly that's it!

I just wanted to give an absolutely massive thank you to all of you for being a part of this series! I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I loved writing it! We truly made a connection with all the characters in this story!

(Y/n) was an absolutely bitch in the first one and we can see how he's getting more confident in he second one.

Kylie is still the same old lovable gangster she is! Although this time it was less gangster focused but honestly, who the fucks complaining?

Bethany is a fuck tart that everyone loves for some reason

Jerome still has a small dick

He's also white by the way guys

He ain't a big beefy black dude as you all thought he was

Julie is still an alcoholic

(M/n) is still an alcoholic embarrassment that shags more than we do

Ugh! Horrid thought that is!

Mark is no where to be found

Jessica is probably dead

Mr stan is buried 6 feet under

Mr Lee doesn't exist (thankfully)

Ryan is a rapist scum that died

Linda is...her self

Caroline is still quirky

Also Barry Is the reader from my story "infatuated stalker" cause that's where Linda and Caroline came from as well

Sadly Stuart the Butler is fucking dead

And the author is a piece of shit

So nothings changed!

But yeah! The fact we've watched this characters develop in their own little ways and they're still liked and loved by you lot is immensely satisfying!

So yeah! I hope you enjoyed this series!

Now go outside!

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