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"Ohh Richelle!!!" Emily said pulling her into a hug whilst Richelle sobbed on her shoulder

"Come in, lets sit down" Emily said, closing her room door and turning in the lights

"Who's the father, you do know?" Emily asked

"N...n...noah..." Richelle said sniffiling

"Noah!?" Emily exclaimed

"B...but I thought you were with Ozzy!?" Emily questioned

"I'm not... anymore... he left me for..." She gulps "Winnie..."

"Oh Richelle!" Emily said

"Are... you gonna... kick me off the team...?" Richelle asked

"Well... Nationals is tomorrow and... it's only on for three days..." Emily trailed on "So you can stay but after Nationals, no dance until the baby is due"

"But what about... learning all the dances for Internationals!" Richelle questioned 

"You're a very quick learner - I'm sure you'll be able to learn a few dances in 3 weeks or so" Emily said

"I guess so..." Richelle said, still not totally convinced

"Have you told Noah?" Emily asked

"N...no..." Richelle said

"Oh... I think you should hun, he is the father after all...." Emily says

"Emily... I'm scared..." Richelle said "What will my dad say... he'll hate me..." 

"I'm sure he won't!" Emily said 

"Have you told anybody that you've been dating Noah?" Emily asked

"No... not even Jacquie... she'll hate me..." Richelle said

"Give her time and I'm sure she'll understand..." Emily said

" No she won't - I'm a horrible person..." Richelle said

"No you're not, ok?" Emily said, sternly 

"Yes, I am! I cheated on Ozzy, that's why he left me... I have been going out with Noah since... he broke up with Jacquie, I got him to even ask her out to make her seem less suspicious - I never told her, my best friend!" Richelle said, sobbing even more

"Well, Richelle, nobody's perfect - we all make mistakes, we just have to learn from them...!" Emily said, looking her in the eye

"Remember when I used to be horrible to Michelle because I was intimidated by her... but now she is my girlfriend!" Emily said

"But that isn't nearly as bad as mine!" Richelle said, crying uncontrollably

"Shh... stop stressing, it isn't good for the baby!" Emily said

Richelle giggled slightly, with tears still rolling down her cheeks "Thanks Emily..." She said "You've always been like the sister I've never had!"

"I'm always here for you, ok?" Emily said

"Ok" Richelle said

"Ok, back to your room, you need sleep - Nationals is tomorrow!" Emily said "Are you sure that you can preform though?" 

"Yes, I can!" Richelle said, confidently

"That's the attitude!" Emily said and gave Richelle a quick hug before she went back to bed

When Emily and Richelle were talking, somebody had heard everything, and that person was Jacquie...

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