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Rosemary has always been the odd child in the pack. It is normal for werewolves to want to be social and friendly, but she prefers her solitude. While everyone enjoys their time basking in the attention of their leaders, Rosemary is in the woods alone. Her indifference is frustrating to those who know her. For those who don’t, they find her a total snob.

However, her calm demeanor is completely rattled on the day that she turns eighteen and her mating switch turns on. She immediately finds herself mated to the headstrong, popular pack Gamma who is three years her senior.

Judah hates Rosemary to the very core. Why? Because she thinks she’s above everybody else, refuses to attend pack meetings, doesn’t talk to anybody, walks with her face constantly buried in a book, and ignores his presence. 

When he sees her, he’s filled with contempt. Until the night he was on guard duty and caught a woman naked and swimming in the lake. Immediately, infatuated with this woman he stood and watched for a long time until she stepped out of the lake. 

To his surprise, it was Rosemary whom he has just discovered swimming in the lake and that she is his mate.

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