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hey guys, lil note, this story is set in england so if you don't understand the schooling system and stuff, feel free to ask but i'll put little reminders at the bottom of chapters to clear any doubts anyway :))))

anywho, happy reading :0



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jeongguk gasped in shock, the delicate novella, formerly perched between his nimble fingers, tumbling as he jolted haphazardly, shaken by a deep voice that echoed and growled through his head.

he lifted his frightened gaze to look up at the stranger, breath hitching in his throat.

at least, he thought it was a stranger.

but it wasn't.




jeongguk highly doubted that the school's star athlete, captain of the swim team, infamous heartbreaker and 'badboy' had ever even stopped to lookor simply even acknowledge, his rather irrelevant presence- not that that meant that jeongguk stalked the boy. i mean, that would be just extremely weird.

and gay.

he just couldn't help it sometimes. sitting in front of kim taehyung in biology class for three whole years honestly did something to him. 

you see, jeongguk was clever. so clever, that he got moved up into the A Level class after completing his GCSEs a year early- and of course, this was rare. very. very rare. fortunately, it had its advantages, it meant that the small boy could get into university faster, with more work experience and volunteering that they would appreciate on application and admissions. but it also had its disadvantages. 

jeongguk got distracted. 

a lot.

he blamed it on kim taehyung's deep, husky voice that rumbled down his ear everytime he opened his goddamn mouth to speak.

he blamed it on kim taehyung's warm, tickly breath, that one time in year nine when he practically breathed down jeongukk's neck, asking him for a pen and jeongukk had blushed so hard he thought his face might fall off.

he blamed it on the way kim taehyung accidentally shoved jeongukk to the floor on his way to lessons, and hadn't apologised.

he blamed it on the way kim taehyung ruthlessly cut into the lunch queue in the cafeteria, unbothered by whoever was surrounding him. (most of the time it was a tiny jeongukk.)

he blamed it on the way kim taehyung shamelessly spoke back to teachers.

he blamed it in the way kim taehyung skipped class or at the least showed up late, stoic in all his glory.

he blamed it on the way he stared at jeongguk with that fierce, unyielding gaz- oh holy fuck, he was looking at him.

"this?" the younger boy squeaked quietly, reaching out a tiny, shaky hand to twist around the book that taehyung had slammed down on the table, soft brown curls gracefully falling in the way of his small, porcelain face, he tried his best to hide the soft blush that had blossomed like a wildflower on his already rosy cheeks.

he read the title.

"'p-peppa pig: dentist trip.'? u-um-"

"did i stutter?" the taller growled.

jeongguk gulped, orbs dilated in fear. he tried his level best not to look into the older's eyes. he really did. but found himself gawking at kim taehyung's celestial features, nonetheless. he found it difficult to comprehend how someone could be so... hot

he wondered what taehyung's hair felt like, jeongguk stared at it a lot, he thought it would have been very soft, and silver and shiny and wow... his eyes are so pretty and dark and dangerous and delinquent and his skin looked as soft as snow-

stop getting distracted, gguk.

he quickly reached a hand to grab the scanner to sign the book out, tiny hand protruding out in front of him, letting taehyung snatch it from his grasp.

he bit his cheek to stop himself from letting out a little giggle. he didn't dare laugh, though. because if kim taehyung wanted to take out 'peppa pig: dentist trip' from the library... then he would.

and no one would stop him.

"you're laughing." the older leaned over the desk, eyebrows furrowed and eyes burning like a raging inferno.

"n-no-" jeongguk defended, helpless.

"i don't care, its none of your business anyway." he snarled, shoving the book into his bag and swiveling around on his heel to exit. and then he stopped abruptly, turning to face jeongguk again. 

he opened his mouth to speak, hesitantly. and then he shut it again, shaking his head, silver waves dancing, before he stalked out of the door. 

jeongguk released a breath that he hadn't realised he was holding.

what the fucketh was that?


ayo hitman bang introd-


okay so 'year ten' means that jeongukk was 15 yrs old, so that was a yr ago, he's 16 now.

GCSEs are the first big set of exams you have in Britain, they're like the ones that you have before you join highschool in america exccept they're wayyyyyy more important.

year 12 and 13 is basically highschool in britain omg i'm so bad at explaining this.

in yr 12 you're 16/17 (jeongguk is still technically supposed to be in year 11 so he just turned 16. and taehyung is in yr 12 rn, he's already 17.) 

omg that probs sounded super confusing agahahhaha pls ask if you're confuzzled bc i was confuzzled writing it LMAO





-varsha <3

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