Weird looks

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Pic of Carter above


After school, Fee texted me about her cheerleading practice. I gagged. I hated every single one of those stuck up b*tches, well, except for Fee. Fee was drop dead gorgeous, and unlike all the fake blondes, she stood out. I pulled a duffel bag out of my locker and quietly walked towards the practice room, for all those preppy ballerinas and dumb "break dancers".

I stopped at the door when I heard a giggle, I peeked inside and I swear I almost barfed my lunch on Kylie's designer backpack. There in the middle of my freaking dance room, was Caleb and Kylie in a full on makeout session.

I smirked.

"Get a room! Just not this one!" I yelled

Kylie's face turned towards me and reddened, but then she started to growl and glare at me.

While her "boy of the week", Caleb, was smirking and checking me out. I was wearing a shirt and jeans, what the f*ck is there to check out?

"If you wanted to join, you could've just asked." He said cockily.

I rolled my eyes and walked over to him, seduction was his weakness. He always gave in.

I sashayed to him with swaying hips and when I got there, I lifted his chin with my finger.

And then all hell broke loose.

I kneed him in the crotch, but not before he leaned down and gave me a peck, which caused Kylie to flip out and attempt to tackle me. In the end, Kylie was on the floor, Caleb had a groin injury, and I walked out, in search of a new practice room. I smiled to myself, things were finally looking up.


After about 2 hours of searching, just kidding. After 20 minutes of searching, I found a room connected to the gym. I closed the door and got changed into my dance clothes. They were just sweatpants and a tank top, but they were my dance clothes. I kept my dancing a secret from my parents and friends. Fee didn't know either, but I was planning on telling her tonight. I made a mental note to tell Fee about dancing. I looked at the mirrored walls stretched across the room.

I brought out my iPod and connected it to a speaker, and blasted some fall out boy.

I started stretching and then began my routine. I did flips, turns, and splits. It was almost a cheer leader routine, ugh. But then again it wasn't, because it wasn't all pep and shoving your boobs into people's faces, mine was literal break dancing mixed with hip hop.

I finished with a splits and heavy breathing, when suddenly I heard clapping. I swore under my breath, I thought I had locked it. I reluctantly turned around and my frown turned into a smile. It was Carter.

"Hey Andy, nice moves." He said as he winked at me

I felt my cheeks warming up, and willed them to stop, at least it was only Carter.

"Hey Carter, whatcha doing here?" I asked curiously. Carter was 19, he graduated last year.

"Well, I had to pick up Caleb, you know, for the dinner." He said.

I looked at my watch and nearly screamed. It was 6:00. When did become so late? I quickly packed up my stuff and unplugged my iPod.

"Shit, I gotta go Carter! Sorry, see you later!" I shouted as I ran out the door.

I ran to the parking lot and jumped into my car.

"Late, late, late, dead, dead, dead." I muttered to myself as I started the engine. Dinner was at 6:30. I had thirty minutes, to take a shower, get dressed, pick up Fee, and drive to the Reynolds. I was so dead. Hopefully, mom and dad were still getting ready, so I could sneak in.

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