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A-Troupe has just arrived back at the hotel and Nationals is tomorrow


"Why?" Kenzie asked

"Yeah, why?" Richelle asked "We need to be practising!" 

"JUST COME NOW" Emily said

All of the girls from A-Troupe walked into Emily's hotel room

In Emily's Room:

"Ok, I've called you all in here because I found this!" Emily said, pulling out a positive pregnancy test 

"Wha... what?" Kenzie stammered

"Whose is that?" Jacquie asked

"That's why I called you all in here! If it's yours come forward now or I will have to pull the whole team from competing at Nationals for the safety of the baby and the mother..." Emily said

All of the girls gasped

"Well? If you don't want to admit in front of the other girls, come to my room later, ok?" Emily said

"Yes Miss Emily" The girls coursed

"Just, whoever it is please come forward! For the sake of the team and the sake of your baby!" Emily pleaded and with that they left

In the rehearsal room:

"What did Miss Emily want?" Finn asked Piper

"She found a pregnancy test and it was positive..." Piper said

"Oh... that's bad..." Finn said

"I know..." Piper replied sighing "I know..."

When all of A-troupe was asleep, one of the girls went to Miss Emily's room

"Emily... it's me... I'm pregnant..." One of the girls said, breaking down in tears  

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