Authors Note-New book?!

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Hey guys since My Psychotic Lover is now unfortunately come to an end I've made an announcement that I've created a new book that's not related to this one that should be coming out very soon.

It's called GANGLEADERS GIRL and I do hope that you all enjoy reading it. To get further information this is part of the book just to let you guys know if you're interested.

"Put the phone down, Amora." His deep voice rumbled. "We don't want anyone getting hurt now, do we?"

Amora sobbed, spinning on her heel to face him. "What do you want, Kane? The police are going to be here any minute!"

Kane sucked air through his teeth, shaking his head back and forth. "You've made a big mistake messing with me, Amora. Now you're going to pay for it."

Amora shook her head. "You're a psycho. You're obsessed. What happened between us was nothing-"

"Don't you dare say that!" He roared. "Ever since I've laid my eyes on you when I first saw you in that alleyway I knew you'd have to be mine. I'd do anything to have you in my arms."

Amora pushed him with all the force she could muster up. "I'll never love you."

"Too bad you don't have a choice."

Meet Amora Sinclair. A young girl who saw the world to be full of rainbows and unicorns before she was shown the harsh reality of life. She had lost both parents at the age of five and had been living in a care-home ever since. She had been favourited by many once upon a time but after meeting Kane J. Kingston his behaviour changed her to be a spiteful teenager who rebelled against all the rules.

Her best friend, Celestia or mostly known as Izzy also has a past full of trauma and the two of them combined causes nothing but havoc for the town of Silverbarrow. But, when the Gangleader comes back to sort them straight, secrets will be unfolded and blood, sweat and tears will be shed. Read to find out what happens, will love return to their cold blooded hearts or will they always be living a life full of crime?

This book contains mature scenes and behaviour, if you don't like this please don't read this book. Also, please don't plagiarise this book and please don't write it in another language without my consent. Thanks!!

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