Part 21

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After all the stuff he said and lies he put in my head. After I thought hmm Meranda on more chance won't hurt.I THOUGHT I was forreal. It Was Andrew playing daddy to his "girlfriend", And the child.I hurridley pulled the twins away and gave them there happy meals and put them in the car. Once I got in I just stared at him and her thinking that should be me sitting at that table with him and feeding him my fries because he's mine and always will be. I didn't even notice that I was crying till I felt a tear drop on my hand and Ian scream mommy.I snapped outta my daze and started the car putting in Ed Sheerons cd and putting on my favorite song, and started driving.

Once we were home I got the teins there food and it was a big fall out about which toys were whose so we got them each a toy and I took away the smaller ones. Once we finished eating we all went to sleep.

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