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"Ugh..This clothes are making me hot..."

"Well...its in the middle of summer.."

"But for real..What do I do..what do I say?" Bill looked at me as I sighed, "Since your in Wolfie's body you have to act cheerful and do her best suit of personality. My friends are trying to find a way because your the only one in someones body..Everyone has their own body. I want Wolfie back..." I said and looked down. Her hamsters were acting diffrent and kept on biting Bill everytime he tried to touch them. "It says if the demon gets into a body from the human world..it has 24 hours to get their body back or else they will be stuck as a soul forever..werewolves have 48 hours...We can do this alright?" I smiled softly and was determined to bring Wolfie back. I wasn't going to loose her!!

Sally was busy looking and researching about this and bit her lip, "C'mon...Blue if anyone comes to this house we need Wolfie- I mean Bill to act like your cousin." She said and I nod. Alice was worried for Bill and looked at him,"Please be okay.." She said and he nodded and smiled "I will." He said and looked at me. I was busy stitching a doll version of him. The others were going to do the same ritual. "Doll..you know there csn be another way." He said softly, "I kinda admit I did control Wolfie before this.."


"Doll let me explain.."

He started to explain this reasonings to this. I was still angry but at least I knew why. Bill sighed and looked at me, "Its simple really. I need a kiss from a person who is my..well companion. Which it you, we don't need this sort of crap. I'm a demon so I know how to do this stuff mostly." He patted my head, I sighef and looked at him, "Look I need Wolfie back. And I'm not kissing my cousin." I glared and kept on making the doll, I was still so confused why he ended up using Wolfies body if he could of just come out with his physical appearance. He's just so confusing.

I finished and looked at Bill and sighed. I'm just going to be happy that Wolfie is coming back and Bill will have his body.

"Are you ready?" Nj asked and looked at me. I nod and started to place his doll and Wolfie's doll onto the floor. Secret sayings were starting to talk and soon enough Bill started to get out of Wolfie's body and get his physical form back. Wolfie was on the ground unconscious and looked tired and pale as she was just tiring herself out. Bill got up again, "well i have my normal form back!" He said and the others were happy. I ran to Wolfie and picked her light body up.

I was so happy and hugged her sleepy body. Bill went up to me amd kissed my cheek, "My My. Do I have to be the father for this child~?" He purred and laughed. I sighed and chuckled softly, "If you want to...



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