The Guide Chapter 2.

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Okay so I guess I'll continue this wonderful story. Oh and if your wondering what Max looks like, she looks like Hayley Williams, I mean exactly like hayley williams. So here is chapter 2, and I'm really surprised that I actually uploaded this early, but here it is. I'll try to upload at least once a week, but anyway enjoy!  

Chapter 2.  

Well it was pretty boring while he drove me home. I asked for his name- trying to make conversation- but all i got was " Dylan James" and then more silence so I gave up. I just stared out the window, and watched Rye beach, New Hampshire flash by.  


Dylan swerved the car, making frustrated drivers honk their horns.  

" Holy shit. what was that?!" His eyes were wide, as he came back on the right lane.  

I laughed, " That was my tummy, I think its hungry." I said as I rubbed it.  

He stopped at the red light and turned his head towards me. " That is not a tummy, that is a beast." he said, as he ran his fingers through his hair.  

" Well then feed this beast, oh look Quickcheck, I'm in the mood for sandwich." I said, as I gazed at the big white letters.  

" We need gas anyway." he said.  

The light turned green and he turned into the parking lot, parking next to an old Honda accord. I slipped my black hoodie on over my Marc Jacobs Blondie shirt, and stepped out of the car.  

" Here buy what ever you want, and get me a ham and cheese wheat roll , dry." He ordered, handing me a 50 dollar bill.  

I raised my eye brow, looking up at him. he just stared at me; clueless. I tapped my foot still waiting for a, please. he rolled his eyes and huffed. hes such a little kid, I mean really how old is he?  

" What?!" He exclaimed, eyes going wide.  

" I'm not your damn slave, whats the magic word dilly?" I smirked.  

" Please!" he said fumingly,  

I chuckled in response, " Sure Dilly, whatever floats your ducky!"  

" That's not my name." He said through gritted teeth.  

" Sure Dilly, sure." And I skipped in to the store, giggling.  

I looked around the store and located the scanner for sanwhices. I put in our orders and while I waited I made myself a vanilla shake. I decided to be nice and make Dilly one, he probably won't like it and then it can be all mine. Mwhahahhahahahahahahahahha!People that walked past stared at me, giving me odd looks. Oh shit, did i just do y evil laugh out loud?! all well, I then made my way to a rack of chips, and grabbed two bags of cheese doodles-puffed to be exact!  

I then made my way to the sandwich counter and picked up the finished sandwiches. I waited behind an old lady, as I sipped away on my milk shake. I then noticed something on the wall in front of me.  

BANNED-MAXANN LANE and under it was a picture of me, with red crap all over me.  

I remember that, me and Richie- one of my best badass buds- were playing with the slushy machine. we kept pushing the button until it went haywire and it busted everywhere- such a she said joke I know- then we started laughing our asses off and we slipped on it and fell into a rack of cakes which knocked into a rack of magazines an that knocked over some more stuff. Until most of the things in the back of the store wasn't standing anymore. Then we heard yelling and footsteps running towards us. we knew we were gonna get caught so we took pictures on our phones. when the staff reached us we pulled them in to a picture with us. which I have framed over my bed.  

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