Hell's Grim Tyrant

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I picked the dull black rock up, it felt rough and rocky it kind of reminded me of how my life is. I smirked and then jerked my wrist back and swung sending the rock skimming across the dull black waters. 






I dug the heels of my shoes into the dirt and looked across the waters, the sun was almost setting behind the mountains and soon those demons would be out and about stalking their pray like a cat stalks a mouse. I shivered and pulled my coat closer, ever since yesterday night; that dream i had and that little girl. Had been running through my mind so much its hard to breath, those kind of things like devilsare not real... Weren't they? Of course there real, if the dead can walk then there real..i think. I shook my head and tucked my cold chin into my coat and dug my hands inside my pockets, man id give anything for a damn cup of coffee. 

Just on cue, i heard steady foot steps coming up behind me and the fresh aroma of sweet coffee filled the cold air around me. 

" So we found one survivor, and a couple cans of food; i think before it gets dark you and me will take a couple jugs and fill em with water " 

Alice stood beside me, with a white baggy toque on that hung down, her black hairlay on her shoulders freely blowing in the wind. In her white gloved hands she held a thermos of coffee and was gently sipping it, i just looked at her lips as she took delicate little sips, then my eyes trailed to her jaw line and eyes. i stopped short and coughed and focused my eyes on the water. 

" Want some? you look kind of cold " Alice held the thermos to me, a small smile plastered on her face. 

I smiled back and took the thermouse enjoying the warmth it sent through my chilled hands 

" Thanks, so who's the survivor?" i asked well taking a sip of coffee and waiting for an answer

Alice clicked her tounge and inhaled, " a little girl maybe 9 or 8, we found her in a old shack huddled next to dead body that looked about 5 months old. Poor thing her hair was in tangles and her clothes where filthy and she looked so skinny" Alice stopped and shook her head " I'm surprised she lasted this long" 

I nodded my head in agreement, not really listening to Alice. I got a weird feeling inside as if i already knew who the little girl was, i shrugged the feeling off and gave the coffee back to Alice. She nodded her head back towards the road, " Come on its getting dark we better head back, tomorrow morning we'll come back and get water" i nodded and followed her through the dirt path back to the road, where 4 cars equipped with machine guns and spot lights waited.

 i settled into Alice's green jeep and waited for her as went around another car and came back carrying a clump of blankets, i was just gonna ask why the blankets when red  hair came popping up, and tender little hands clasped around Alice'sneck.My body tensed up immediately as i vaguely recognized the red hair, i glanced in the rearveiw mirror as Alice gently plopped the girl in the seat behind me. She stirred a bit as Alice tucked the blankets around her body, then as Alice walked back to the drivers seat. The little girls eyes opened for a spilt second, green emeraldeyes stared back at me in the mirror, and a small smile appeared on the freckledface. i swallowed the hot lump in my throat and directed my attention to the dark dirt road and trees surrounding it, my heart beat was frantic hitting my chest 100 miles per minute. I gripped the handle of the car door, flashes of that little red head girl whirled in my mind. It was real deep down it was real, and i was really the prince of darkness they wanted me, they wanted me to lead them to victory and success...i was the devils son. 

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