[S8] Daenerys x Reader | Keeping Sane

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AR: You replace Missandei, regardless of your gender- and have been advising Dany for years now.

The halls were quiet. You flinched at the slightest advances down it, which echoed angrily against the stone walls surrounding you, as you found yourself headed towards the room you knew you'd find Dany. It had been days since she had called meetings, spoken to a soul, or come out of that room, at the end of the hall. And you were beyond worried. The past few battles- the loss of two of her children, as it were- you could see they were destroying her.

But it wasn't as though her fall from sanity had started with the death of 2 of her dragons- ever since the innocent girls horror at the sight of the slave city, she had grown a darkness in her heart. Though so far she had weaponised it for the greater good; brutalising the sorts of people no man could deny the evil of, it seemed as though her darkness had begun to eat away at her- she was paranoid, jumpy, brutal and merciless even to the people that meant the world to her. Daenerys was becoming a Mad Queen, and you couldn't let that happen to someone you loved.

Yes, loved. You'd been by her side since she rescued you from Slaver's Bay in Meereen, and you'd served her well the years following. There's nobody that you- or she- had learnt to trust any more; it had only taken a whole three years for you to confess your feelings.

Things had remained professional, but the mutual love was there- she had promised when everything was over that you'd start a life besides her- but for now, neither of you could let your feelings get tangled in your duties, because it could cause you to destroy your relationship before it even begun, or cause you to fail in your responsibilities to the people; this was different. You knew that feelings had to get involved, because every winter day you lost another bit of the Dany you grew to love- and nobody was as likely to save her from her own demons as you right now.

So you reached her door, and tentatively tapped it with your fist, soon retreating your hands behind your back nervously as you patiently waited for a response.


"Dany... it's me." You softly called, trying not to show hesitance or nerve- you were sure that would only further embed her own self-doubts; still nothing.

Asking politely was only your first option- there was no way you weren't going to see her today- so, sucking in a deep load of air, you pushed open the door and took a few steps into her chamber. It felt alien in here- the walls, floor and ceiling all a composure of dragon-glass, black marble and onyx. The old Targaryen fortress was truly reflective of the darker side of the family- but even Daenerys's own belongings had a brutal edge to them here- just standing in the room made you feel uncomfortable and jittery.

"Dany. Look at me." You called, a little more stern this time. There she was, at the end of the room- her elbows pressed against the dark banister overlooking the shore and the sea, her head hung; her whole body stiff. "My Queen, I think we need to have a talk, on less professional terms-"

"I'm not in the mood for talking." You recoiled a bit at the sharp edge that came with her words; since when had she been so cruel to you?

You saw her shoulder sag, and you knew that she immediately regretted her tone to you, "Daenerys... please listen to me. You're destroying yourself. You've seen so much and felt so much pain and I know you want vengeance for all the cruel things Cersei's done- I know you want that crown, for the sake of the world and not just yourself- but you need to remember that bit. Because you're letting yourself get colder and angrier, for the sake of a goal that you can't achieve if it leads to the deaths of the people you set out to protect."

She turned her head, but still couldn't look at you- half of her face was enough for you to feel her pain- the soft, trembling features- the shimmering line of a tear stroking down her cheek; she had bags under her eyes, she was paler than usual- it made your heart sink.

You reached her in a second, put your arms around her, pulled her head into your chest and held her there, silently. Your head fell nicely onto hers, and you hushed her- it was sad to see someone so young feeling all this pain- at heart, she was just a child who never got a childhood.

"I don't know what to do anymore- I'm so angry, I want to make her hurt the same way she hurt me- but they want me to settle for peace- let her go, leave her without a clue of how much she's destroyed. I can't let her go-"

"But you can let the people go. Daenerys, I saw the look in your eyes when Jon told you the plans for surrender- I know what you might do. I can feel you breakk this IK
You have to stay you; you have to stay fair. Because if you don't I'm gonna lose you- and you'll just become another mad ruler, killing the masses."

You lifted up her face and she eagerly focused her attention into your eyes, gaining some solace from them, "Dany. I know we said we couldn't let our emotions get in the way of our duties... but right now I need you, and you need me. Not as an advisor, as a pillar." you let your words sink in, not taking your concentration away from her gaze.

Her arms slip between yours and you happily accept her tight hug as she wraps herself around your waist; the tears are warm against your chest but you're happy that they're flowing.

"I love you." You whisper, and after a few moments you hear a muffled, vaguely discernible response.

Things would be better- and you'd made sure she couldn't make things worse.

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