One more night 1/7

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Yes 1/7
(Pretend any songs that are mentioned are new)

Y/n's Pov

Time has been FLYING by thank god and It's already been a month or so maybe more since my sisters left for tour and let me tell you one thing....

It sucks

Nothings been going wrong I just really miss them.
Quite a lot last time they were gone on tour I was at a different mindset which was that I was used to feeling alone.
Talking about that I haven't really talked about where I'm mentally at. Recently I've looked at my old notes and it's never hard to be back in that mindset. I have gotten better of course it's not like how it used to be, but once I'm alone here at home it's very easy to remember how I felt. The boys have started their summer leagues . Christian does football, nick does baseball and Joey plays soccer. Plus mom never stopped going to the office. Blair drops me off at home when they all have practice.

Things that come to mind is how was it so easy for that girl to just say those type of things about me. It hurt more because I felt like it was true because she never felt bad for anything even after she heard what happened.

I always try telling myself I'm strong because that's what my siblings tell me. But truly how strong am I if the cause of this whole mess was because of a few things someone told me.

My thoughts were interrupted by my sisters face time call.

I cancelled anything I was thinking about and took a deep breath and picked up. Usually they pass the phone around and it's blurry but that's not the case case today. Today they were all sitting together and they all waved at me today they were actually sitting at the back part of the bus where they work on business stuff. And I can actually see them quite clearly today.

Lisa said "hey Mel can you call us by your laptop and go sit by your desk please"

I shrug my eyebrows in confusion

"Yeah sure I'll call you in a second"

I hang up still confused and walked over to my desk and turned my laptop on as I turn my desk light on. I started the call again

C: ok your back on your lap top right ?

Y: yuP

D: ok so this week is going to be a little different ok?

Y : i am so confused but ok?

A: do you have your phone near you

Y: ugh actually I left It on my bed give me a second

Lauren whispers "im nervous"

I sat back down

Y:ok I got it

Lisa: ok so Mel we know that this may suck cuz we aren't there for this but we still really hope you love it

I'm still so confused

C: ok so for the next few days that make up a week we are going to be sending you a song through text in which we will be on FaceTime when it's sent

Y: ooOoOook

Dani: but there's something special about these songs firstly they are new and are a part of an EP.

Y: ooo cool cool

A: but this Ep is very special because it's about you y/n/n
(Your nick name)

Y: about me?

K: yeah we wrote these Seven songs for you around the time where you were having some trouble and we were hoping some of these would help you. And The Ep is called y/n just your name

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