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Mohit saw him. He heard his taks . He was schocked.

He went towards Anika's room and told her everything

Anika was also schocked. She misunderstood him.

"Mohit... Mohit I... I misunderstood him" , said Anika in crying

M- Anika he don't want you to feel guilty

A- really

M- yes
He was also deeply hurt

Anika was broken by now.

A- I...

Shivaay entered her room. He saw her crying. He ran towards her

He holded her hands tightly

S- what happened Anika tell me

Anika suddenly hugged him . He Also hugged her back

How much they missed each other. They hugged each other after long 3 years. This time period was very long for them. They were feeling blessed in each other's embarrasse

Mohit thought to give them time so he left from there

Shivaay consoled her. He stroked his hands on her hairs

S- what happened Anu,

Anika tightened the hug

S- kahih tum Mohit se pyar toh nai karne lagi, he thought to lighten her mood so he teased her

Anika broke the hug and lightly slapped him on his shoulders

"I don't like him" , said Anika angirly being pissed off

A- kal ke friend Ko Tum

S- kal ka friend 🤔🤔

A- I never considered any other person other than you as my friend

S- ohh aacha

S(thinking)- thank God she stopped crying

"Shivaay", Anika called him a bit loudly

S- hmm what happened

A- you did this to distract me right

Shivaay saw here and there, while ignoring eye contact with her

A- You can't lie me

Shivaay grinned

S- tell me why were you crying hann??

"I'm Sorry", said Anika with fresh tears in her eyes

Shivaay wiped them

S- why

A- for not trusting you

She again hugged him

A- I'm really sorry Shivaay for not trusting you

"How do you know", asked Shivaay being schocked

"I'm sorry", Anika again mummered

S- you don't need to be Anu
It was just misunderstanding

A- yaa I misunderstood you

S- so what
Vese I'm in cloud 9 holding you in my arms,
I mean a girl hugging me wow

A- you know how to distract me

S- yes
Vese bhi I'm too much to handle right

A- hmm you're
Baggadbilla, tadibaaz, akdu, sadu

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