Chapter 12

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After being fired from Opius Label, Braulia needs to move on and restart fresh. Since it's too late to check out and leave the hotel, she decides that staying one more night isn't going to do her much harm.

However, the newly airing episode of Trash Talk is catching her attention. Polly Burks, her dear friend, promised juicy gossip in the intro. And here it is.

Polly: And now, to conclude this episode, here's some 100% fresh material. I promise, you'll love it!

Braulia: Yeah, I hope so, Polly, because I know that Leslie manipulated the videos and sent those for Very Important Person to try to drag TWICE's reputation down. I guess his and Lenzie's distorted plan failed.

Polly: Here's some uncensored, 100% authentic footage of Middle Point's attacks to several other artists! Some of them are really important, such as Jonas Brothers, Ariana Grande, Little Mix and, guess what?

Polly shows a video of Middle Point breaking into Coachella and attempting to disrupt BLACKPINK's performance.

Polly: Middle Point's leader and vice leader, Lenzie Madeline and Abby Thaller, went crazy and offended Jennie and Lisa! It looks like Lenzie also had some bad words for Jisoo and Rosé.

Braulia: Oh, thank God! Lenzie has a lot of explaining to do, though.

Polly: Let's not also forget that Lenzie Madeline is the one who called Perrie Edwards a slut for dating a footballer! Oh, this is super-hyper-extra fresh material. The production just sent it now. Let's see it together.

Polly shows the video of the brawl at dinner between Middle Point and TWICE, as well as the offensive Instagram posts, focusing on the racial slur on all members and the body shaming on Jihyo, Dahyun and Tzuyu.

Braulia: Bingo!

There's also some exclusive footage of Middle Point planning terrible things against TWICE.

Brittania: Lenzie, what do you think of Little Miss Sunshine?

Amanda: Who? Da-what?

Leiann: Dahyun. And she's nice.

Korinne: Leiann, stop being oblivious. She and the other Misses Almond Eyes are all a bunch of double-dealing bitches! Everyone in Korea is double-faced!

Braulia: (turns the TV off) That's enough. I need to call the girls. (Groans) Oh, what am I thinking? I don't have their numbers. Well, I guess I'll shoot them a DM on Instagram. This is serious.

While Braulia is trying to contact TWICE, Leiann is taking them to a crowded place that looks like a park with a huge skating brink and other hangout places.

Jihyo: What's this place?

Leiann: This is where I used to come to unwind. Well, until Lenzie & Co decided that I'd be better off secluded in the recording studios 24/7.

Mina: That's not fair! I mean, why is Lenzie so obsessed with work?

Nayeon: Maybe she's a perfectionist.

Tzuyu: Or maybe she's just a bossy bitch.

Leiann: Okay, enough talking about them. Let's do something more exciting, shall we?

???: Leiann! Over here!

Jihyo: Someone's calling you, Leiann.

Leiann: I know.

The girls approach a group of four girls who are waving at them and occasionally looking around. One of them is a redhead like Leiann but is taller than her; the second girl is a petite brunette with long hair and a fringe. The third one is an African American, with long curls and large circle earrings.

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